Download Best 17th-Century Men's Dress Patterns 1600 - 1630 (Victoria and Albert Museum)Author Susan North –

A wonderful addition to my reference books. This Book Presents Full Step By Step Instructions For The Making Of Early Th Century Men S Clothes And Accessories In A Technically Accurate, Visually Exciting And Easy To Follow Format Twelve Garments All Historical Pieces From The Victoria And Albert Museum S Collections Are Featured A Suit, Three Doublets And A Cloak, As Well As A Felt Hat, An Embroidered Nightcap And A Plain Nightcap Liner, A Pasteboard Picadil, A Sword Girdle And Hangers, A Pair Of Mittens And A Linen Stocking They Have Been Analysed So That Every Aspect Of The Pattern Is Exact Scale Patterns And Precise Construction Diagrams Are Accompanied By Colour Photography Of The Whole Garment As Well As An Abundance Of Informative Details And X Ray Photographs That Reveal The Hidden Structure Of Each Piece, Showing The Precise Number Of Layers And The Types Of Stitches Used Inside The Methods And Techniques Of Historical Tailoring And Plain Sewing Are Shown In Detail The Authors Have Some Of The Best Historical Tailoring Skills In The World And Have Worked With World Renowned Institutions Such As The Globe Theatre In London, Creating Award Winning Costumes For Film, Stage And Television This Book Is A Unique Resource For Costume And Fashion Designers, Fashion Historians And Students Table Of ContentsForeword Men S Wardrobes, Clothing Terms Dressing Men, C Tailoring The Doublet Sewing Stitches Embroidery Stitches How To Use This Book The Patterns Green Silk Velvet Doublet A Doublet Of Slashed Silk Satin B Slashed Silk Satin Trunk Hose With Canions Sword Girdle And Hangers Crimson Silk Grosgrain Doublet Slashed Doublet Of Stamped Ivory Silk Satin Embroidered Silk Damask Cloak Felt Hat Silk Satin Picadil Embroidered Linen Nightcap Linen Nightcap Liner Crimson Silk Velvet Mittens With Embroidered Tops Embroidered Linen Stocking Select Bibliography Acknowledgments Understandable grid patterns, construction information and photographs of actual garments Love this amazing resource Good product This book is a MUST OWN for anyone interested in the history of fashion in general, and Renaissance clothing in particular It is absolutely incredible how they analyzed existing garments from the time period in painstaking detail to gain understanding of how the garments were made There are dozens of close up images of each item, along with insightful analysis of their findings Reading this book feels like picking up these garments for yourself and turning them over in your hands. Very detailed I love the X rays and the explanations of the X rays of the extent garments It has helped me to understand the techniques of construction for 17th garments.