{books pdf} Abuse UK: Daily Life In Britain's Nursing Home IndustryAuthor Lars G Petersson – Z55z.co

Description A large part of Britain s care home sector has in recent years been outsourced to private companies From time to time appalling conditions in some of these homes are disclosed to the public by undercover journalists But, unfortunately, no significant change seems to happen as a result Very soon it s all forgotten and life goes back to normalThis book is different from many of these newspaper stories and TV documentaries It is different because it s written by an insider with extensive personal knowledge of the profit obsessed industry behind the abuseAs a trained nurse Lars G Petersson has spent years working in British nursing homes from Surrey in the south to Edinburgh in the north and in abuse he takes his reader on a detailed tour behind the curtains of a world where so many Britons end their lives in utter misery By doing so, he paints a picture of not only shockingly low standards and abusive care but also of systematic staff exploitation, toothless regulators and a catastrophically flawed government control systemAbuse is a book about a failed system that betrays those it was meant to shelter and care for It is also a book about a business that closes its ranks against the pestilential dissident and supports the perpetrators efforts to keep it all in the dark About the Author Lars G Petersson is a Swedish born Londoner, activist and free lance writer with special interest in peace, mental health, social justice and human rights He is the author of a large number of articles most of which were published in Danish newspapers and journals and one previous book, Deserters a story about German war resisters from World War II Trained as a nurse with speciality in mental health, social issues and addiction he has persistantly used his professional knowledge and insight to disclose matters otherwise hidden from public scrutiny In a number of cases this has led to serious public debate and major improvements for vulnerable people