Prime An Atlas of Rare & Familiar Colour: The Harvard Art Museums' Forbes Pigment CollectionAuthor Kingston Trinder –

The Straus Center For Conservation And Technical Studies At The Harvard Art Museums Encompasses Over , Of The World S Rarest Pigments Museum Director Edward Forbes Started The Collection At The Turn Of The Th Century, In Order To Preserve The Early Italian Paintings He Had Begun To Collect Over The Years, The Collection Grew Into A Huge Apothecary Of Bottles And Beakers, As Other Art Lovers And Color Experts Donated Their Own Pigments Today The Collection Continues To Grow, And Regularly Helps Experts Across The World To Research And Authenticate PaintingsVisually Excavating The Museums Extraordinary Collection, An Atlas Of Rare Familiar Colour Examines The Contained Pigments And Artefacts Their Provenance, Composition, Symbology And Application It Also Explores The Larger Related Fields Of Chromatics, The Historical Narratives Of Art And Chemistry, And The Innovations With Which We Have Sought To Better Illustrate Our Aesthetic And Expressive CompulsionsThe Book Includes A Foreword By Renowned British Color Author Victoria Finlay An Encyclopedic Photobook Of Poised Still Lifes, Where Each Phial, Herb And Pigment Filled Container Becomes A Character, Narrating The Fascinating History Of Color Wallpaper

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  1. bclaire bclaire says:

    Actually a fabulous book EXCEPT for the white text on yellow, silver, even the orange backgrounds are pretty much impossible to read The information is great and very comprehensive However, a book from Harvard deserves to have been proofread thoroughly There are several typos page 20 first paragraph but the most unforgivable for me is misspelling Winsor Newton Newtown in the white section Anyway, I would have given this four stars were it not for the typos and illegibility of white text on light colors By the way where is Hooker s Green

  2. Quet Quet says:

    A gift for a sister, an artist She was delighted with it.

  3. Linda LaBelle Linda LaBelle says:

    Lovely book, quick shipping An Atlas of Rare Familiar Colour The Harvard Art Museums Forbes Pigment Collection

  4. Santiago Alvarez Reverter Santiago Alvarez Reverter says:

    Contains excellent photographs of a wonderful collection of pigments and dyes.