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The Earth has reached a tipping point and we are entering an era of unprecedented turbulence in humanity s relationship within the web of life But just what is that relationship, and how do we make sense of this extraordinary transition Anthropocene or Capitalocene offers answers to these questions The contributors to this book diagnose the problems of Anthropocene thinking and propose an alternative the global crises of the st century are rooted in the Capitalocene not the Age of Man but the Age of Capital This is a good book Jason Moore, comme il l indique au d but de ce livre, est un de ceux qui a mis en cause la qualification d une nouvelle re g ologique, o l humanit serait devenue la principale force g ologique sur terre, du nom d anthropoc ne et proposer, la place, le nom de capitaloc ne Non seulement, explique t il, c est attribuer l humanit tout enti re ce qui est le r sultat du d veloppement du capitalisme, mais c est maintenir une vision dualiste l homme et la nature qui est en partie responsable de la d gradation actuelle de l environnement Dans le collectif qu il dirige, il a donc r uni un certain nombre de contributions justifiant cette critique de l anthropoc ne et cette appellation de capitaloc ne Comme souvent, les contributions sont d in gal int r t, mais certaines sont tr s remarquables parmi lesquelles celle de Jason Moore lui m me et de Donna Haraway qui elle, parle de chtulucene I got concerned early on that this would be a book about semantics Capitalocene versus Anthropocene, but there is to it, the issue is deeper than semantics Anthropocene is genuinely tied to the idea of our supremacy over nature it is of course well intending, acknowledging the damage we have done and will continue to do to the environment The problem is that Anthropocene accepts our control of nature and its reduction to resources and many of its advocates believe we simply need to a better job of Anthropocening the earth Capitalocene theory, on the other hand, understands that we humans are part of nature, not unlike an apple tree or a fish in the water And even here distinctions are important as we don t want to equate the fish with the apple Words matter when we think about humankind, animals and nature The term Capitalocene avoids as well the idea that humans are bad, or that our presence on earth makes its premature annihilation inevitable The problem is systemic unrestrained capitalism as well as ideological our perceived supremacy over nature and its nonhuman occupants.