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Our AQA A Philosophy student book provide coverage of the key philosophical concepts as well as extension activities, practice questions and study tips A broad range of philosophical arguments set to contemporary scenarios help put key ideas into practice Key terms and key philosophers are defined to help students grasp philosophical concepts Learning Objectives, clearly referenced to the related statements in the AQA specification, let students know exactly what they ll need to learn and understand in that topic

7 thoughts on “AQA Philosophy A2

  1. Gazza Gazza says:

    Difficult, but worth the effortAQA Philosophy AS A2 deserve better reviews than have been posted here I purchased both books a little while ago after looking for a text that covered the AQA Philosophy syllabus I felt happy that these books did a good job Both are written by a team of authors which is something I don t usually go for This is because you can often end up with varying styles throughout But with these two books this wasn t the case The editor Martin Butler has done a very good job in blending the text together well.A good feature of these books is that they contain lots of quotations, so the student can get a flavour of the original texts themselves However, I can see why some have found the text not to their liking.Philosophy AS contains Units 1 2 and the first section covered is epistemology, which is quite a difficult topic But most of the other sections in the book are well done and fairly easy to understand, as well as being very comprehensive Philosophy A2 goes into a little depth then Philosophy AS and it contains Unit 3 of the course Unit 4 is not included in the book This part has to be downloaded as a PDF file which is a shame as both sections 3 4 should have been included in the actual book Having to download Unit 4 seems absolutely ridiculous, as one reviewer has already pointed out.These two books and the downloadable Unit 4 taken as a whole cover a great deal of philosophy, and I certainly found them accessible than the books by Bryan Greetham Philosophy and Anthony Harrison Barbet Mastering Philosophy One caution however is that the AQA specifications have changed since these books were first published But they would still make excellent background reading for the subject.I hope you find my review helpful.

  2. Pipster Pipster says:

    This book claims to offer chapters 6 10 online but does no such thing Oxford University Press took over the product in Feb 2014 but there is no Kerboodle product that corresponds to it, as touted loudly on the inside cover and introduction Blended learning experience indeed You will have to buy a whole new text book if you want to learn anything about JS Mill Plato Descartes Nietsche.I also agree that the book makes heavy work of the subject matter Jones Hayward and Cardinal s book for AS was better than this and Lacewing, although for A2 there doesn t seem to be much of a choice.

  3. Mr. T. M. Ryan Mr. T. M. Ryan says:

    I m not the type of person to take heed of bad reviews, so I bought this book because I felt it could be useful.The first thing that I will say is that this book has a fantastic, unrivalled ability to make reasonably simple arguments totally unintelligible Strawson s argument for personhood being logically prior to the concept of and individual consciousness , which was explained with such clarity in Lacewing s AS Philosophy book, becomes an incomprehensible confusion of propositions, and predicates, and assertions which are simply left unexplained.Also, I d question the wisdom of designating States of Consciousness , i.e mental states, P predicates , while physical states are M predicates.Do not buy.

  4. Tahmidur Rahman Tahmidur Rahman says:

    I m sure the book is great on the PHIL 3 module but the module that focuses on specific texts is completely left out There s a section that says how to use this book having said in the contents that the chapters on PHILU4 are online However, the link it sends you to doesn t lead you to the book It actually sends you to a nelson thornes catalogue, which would be fine if it wasn t just a shop, where the code that s in this book only gives you a ten percent discount on the collection of resources on PHIL3 If you think you d be fine with 10% as well you might want to reconsider those chapters cost 144.00 Sensible, yeah

  5. Sharfa Sorwar Sharfa Sorwar says:

    Needed this for A level, and I got an A overall, a very good and awesome book Goes into a lot of exam tips as well.

  6. Shoz Shoz says:

    Almost in perfect condition

  7. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Needed for my son s A level and he tells me the book is excellent good value, would recommend to others