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Desperado Is Proud To Present A Retrospective Volume Devoted To The Entire Career Of One Of Today S Most Popular Artists, Tim Bradstreet This Book Offers Readers And Fans A Chance To Witness His Immense And Phenomenal Career From The Early Days To The Present, Offering Glimpses Of Previously Never Before Seen Material From His Files And Sketchbooks, His Enormously Popular Comic Work, Art From His Career In Movie Design And Posters, His Gaming Illustrations, As Well As Beautifully Reproduced Images Of His Personal Favorites With Insights Into His Life And Creative Process

5 thoughts on “Archetype: The Art of Timothy Bradstreet (Signed Edition) (Iconic Images and Cinematic Illustration)

  1. J. Harrington-B J. Harrington-B says:

    This book is big, perfect coffee table book It covers the life and works of Tim Bradstreet, who s iconic photo realism grindhouse art style has graced the covers of Vampire the Masquerade, Shadowrun, Hellblazer, Punisher and even some of the Blade movies Bradstreets style is unique and dark, but has a believable and achingly real quality to it.

  2. Charles R. S. Carvalh Charles R. S. Carvalh says:

    The Timothy art is very good phenomenal

  3. todd a shulek todd a shulek says:

    I love the realism of this artwork, I wish that mine could look so real, Tim s artwork is fantastic, and I would recommend this book to anyone..

  4. Kurtssingh Kurtssingh says:

    Really great book, definitely worth reading and collecting for all artists Bradstreet s works have always been an inspiration to me