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The description above gives the basic scope of the exhibitionI am a bit confused as my copy is 336 pages long versus the 234 I think the description quotesThe ISBN are the sameThis is the 498th exhibition of the AlbertinaThe Albertina has one of the greatest collections of Master Drawings and Prints in the world.This Exhibition was shown in Vienna in 2013 and it is great that an English Edition of the Catalogue was producedThere is a helpful chronology at the front to help one understand the dynastic goings on in the Low Countries,the various wars going on through part of this time and the split into what later became Holland and Belgium reading the summary in the book will be better than my attempted summaryThis is the First exhibition put on by the Albertina that traces the development in the Northern Holland and the Southern Netherlands later became Belgium I would have liked 1 or 2 maps but these may have been difficult to draw due to shifting boundaries during the wars as Spain tried to re conquer territoryYou can see one or the Spanish commanders in Rubens drawing of Don Diego Messia Felipe de Guzman number 105 The drawings by the artists mentioned in the title are good examples of their workEveryone will have different choices but I likedPieter Coecke Van Aelst The Money Changer and his Wife Number 27 I give some examples and numbers so you can see if you version is the same as mine Jan Gossaert The Fall of Man number 30 a study with extensive hatchingMaarten Van Heemskerkck The Front buildings of the Old St Peter s and the Vatican Palace c1533 34 Number 37 this panorama is worth comparing withJan Van Stinemolen Panorama of Naples 1584 number 133 My 2 favourite Pieter Brueghel the Elder areT the Painter and the Buyer often called the Artist and the Connoisseur number 1 Big Fish eatLittle Fish Number 41 Not all drawings by the same artist will be next to each other though most are It depends on what each chapter will cover consult the Artist index at the back to see which artists are whereJacobDe Gheyn II Two Trumpeters in Historic Costumes number 58 There are various portraits to compare with each otherRubens is well represented by several potraits of Family members, several animals studies, some beautiful studies of Heads sometimes with added hands studies some are in his famous 3colour technique others in Black chalk with White highlights on Brownish paper There are 14 Rubens and most of them are stunning numbers 102 116 One interesting drawing is mismatched Couple with a Landscape Border by Jacob Hoefnagelit 1602 is a copy of a lost drawing of Leonardo da Vinca that had been in the Arundel collection and was etched by Hollar 1646 It was thought to be in Emperor Ruldolf II collection originallyThere are 156 drawings in the exhibition.They are beautifully reproduced in full colourThere is a good selection of both Flemish and Dutch DrawingsThe text is well written and helpfulIt is excellent to have this catalogue that covers the development of drawing in both Belgium and Holland in one bookNoteSome drawings have appeared in previous publications especiallyRembrandt and his Time 2005 112 entries AndThe Great Masters of the Albertina 2008 a general introduction to the Albertina 286 entriesAlthough there is some overlap I would warmly recommend this book to those who are interested in the Albertina s magnificent collections and to those who want a beautifully illustrated catalogue of Flemish and Dutch drawings from about 1440 to about 1700There are many superb drawings to feast your eyes onHopefully you may consider getting one or other Albertina books see my Listmania on theThe Great Masters of the AlbertinaThis is a gem of a book see my review The Albertina Museum In Vienna Owns One Of The World S Most Important Collections Of Dutch Drawings From The Period Their Unrivaled Collection Offers A Scope And Quality That Makes It The One Of The Few Museums In A Position To Present Dutch Drawing In All Of Its Thematic, Technical And Stylistic Diversity Bosch, Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt Presents Over Of The Best Of These Works, And Includes Outstanding Individual Specimens From The Circles Around Jan Van Eyck, Petrus Christus And Dirk Bouts Works By Hieronymus Bosch And Pieter Bruegel The Elder Form One Of The First Highlights Of This Astounding Collection The Rest Of The Sixteenth Century Is Represented By Drawings From Artists Such As Jan Gossaert, Maarten Van Heemskerck And Hendrick Goltzius The Focus Of The Collection, However, Is Holland S Golden Age, The Seventeenth Century, With Important Works By Rembrandt Van Rijn And His School The Southern Netherlands, Once Dominated By The House Of Hapsburg, Is Represented By The Most Famous Flemish Masters Of The Age Peter Paul Rubens, Anton Van Dyck And Jacob Jordaens Ranging From Preparatory Drawings For Larger Works Of Painting, Stained Glass, Engravings Or Altars To Autonomous Works That Stand Alone, This Catalogue Offers A Full Spectrum Of Landscapes, Seascapes, Topographical Views, Portraits, Rural Genre Scenes And Still Lifes