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A portrait of the Grammy Award winning opera singer explores the reasons behind her success, the people who have surrounded her career, and her personal life , ad promo Tour Wonderful condition One of my favorite opera singers Easy to read It just flows A dynamite combination Kim Chernin, b 1940 a writer and psychotherapist in private practice, heard Cecilia Bartoli sing on the Berkeley CA campus in 1991 when Cecilia was twenty four, after which she became obsessed and possessed Brava for Cecilia and the formation of her voice by her mother, Silvana Bazzoni, are something worthy of being obsessed about It is extraordinary that two years later Ms Chernin, with no in in the world of music, landed an interview in Houston, TX, with Cecilia, as a representative of the magazine, San Francisco Focus Making the reader of her therapeutic training, she provides silence and asks open ended questions that make Cecilia comfortable More importantly, the questions involve her mother, the woman responsible for bringing to fruition the warm, rich voice capable of expressing every emotion known to the human condition Excluding Silvana Bazzoni from a discussion about Cecilia Bartoli is as considerable a faux pas as excluding Anne Sullivan when talking about Helen Keller For anyone who has heard the recording of Cecilia s voice at ten years of age, it seems inconceivable that it could be developed into the voice we now know For this was no singing prodigy as was Charlotte Church, Julie Andrews, or Beverly Sills What we hear is in line with a pre pubescent auctioneer Add to this a broken home where the father shouts a lot, and mother is afraid, from which Cecilia escaped at the age of fifteen to Paris with dreams of becoming a Flamenco dancer, and we have an explosive mix which could have led her down precariously different paths Indeed, the combination of Bazzoni s intuition and Cecilia s absorption of her mother s direction into the vessel of her receptive spirit and incomparable vocal mechanism, steeped in time, devotion, dedication, and above all a mystical and all encompassing love, has given us what we hear today This is no technique from the old school handed down from generation to generation that no longer exists today This is an inimitable mix of ingredients that will not be repeated in our lifetime Magic strikes again in 1996 as Kim and companion Renate are mystically granted the privilege of attending the first master class given by Silvana Bazzoni in Brauenschweig, Germnay How did this happen This unauthorized book is a commendable effort for anyone, let alone one who has no musical training Ms Chernin comes to see the work in developing the singing voice as the strickest form of meditation and closes with, the listener s fascination with a beautiful voice might be a hidden form of spiritual awakening No doubt her research has been a form of selbst such, for in the first 123 pages we read the words, I, me, my 590 times Seeing the words so many times was similar to listening to a brilliant speech interspersed withumahum, or to watching a narrator blink frequently than one is accustomed to One becomes sidetracked with the added attractions, counting their occurrence She poses eighty six questions, Should I Would I Could I Had I Was I She imagines, Should she Was she Will she She speculates, How will she Did she Could she Had she One wonders who this book is ultimately about No matter, anyone who is enthralled with Bartoli Bazzoni is on the right track.