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15 thoughts on “Children's Songs: 20 Pieces. Klavier, Keyboard oder elektronisches Tasteninstrument.

  1. Peter Giehrl Peter Giehrl says:

    Die Noten sind klar und gro gedruckt und daher gut zu lesen Die St cke sind ziemlich einfach zu spielen, aber manchmal muss man beim Rhythmus aufpassen.

  2. Silke Silke says:

    Habe das Buch f r meinen Klavierunterricht angeschafft und fand die Lieder sehr sch n Sie sind nicht sehr schwer, aber dennoch sch n zu spielen.

  3. FimTi FimTi says:

    Ich stie zum ersten Mal auf Chick Corea, als meine Musiklehrerin mir dies f rs Vorspiel in der Theater AG unserer Schule gab und ich muss sagen, ich war echt begeistert.Deshalb hab ich mir gleich den ganzen Band der Children Songs gekauft und die haben mich echt berzeugt Ich spiel jetzt seit gut 2 Jahren Klavier, beim Kauf warens noch 1,5 Jahre, und diese St cke waren wirklich auf einem Niveau, was nicht unbedingt tief ist, aber was durch intensives ben auch f r mich Anf nger zu schaffen war.Ich empfehle diesen Band jedem, der einfach Spa am Klavierspielen hat und der sich, sei es Anf nger oder Profi, ein bischen mit rhytmischen Variationen auseinandersetzen will und ein bischen Zeit dem Klavier opfern m chte.

  4. Davide Davide says:

    Libro comprato per affrontare il corso di pianoforte jazz complementare al conservatorio e da chitarrista che non ha mai suonato il piano, sono riuscito ad ottenere delle soddisfazioni con questo libro al piano Si tratta di un metodo senza spiegazioni o altro, soltanto canzoni che sono state studiate in modo che progressivamente che si avanza con il libro si possano imparare aspetti diversi della tecnica pianistica Consigliatissimo.

  5. Javier Carbajal González Javier Carbajal González says:

    Es exactamente lo que ofrecen.Ning n problema.

  6. Cliente paydayloansnsi.co.uk Cliente paydayloansnsi.co.uk says:

    l edizione palstificata, molto comoda da trasportare e in formato tradizionale Non avevo bisogno di nient altro che uno spartito tradizionale, quindi perch dovrei scrivere di pi

  7. Marina Cavana Marina Cavana says:

    Tutto come da aspettative, libro in condizioni eccellenti Felice dell acquisto.

  8. Francesca Francesca says:

    Libro arrivato in perfette condizioni ottima edizione, suonarla un piacere Spedizione velocissima.Consigliato a chiunque inizi ad approcciarsi a questo genere.

  9. PAOLA PAOLA says:

    libro acquistato,, per mio figlio percussionista, studente del Biennio del Conservatorio, il quale lo ha trovato veramente utile.Chick Corea un grande

  10. ZZema ZZema says:

    Masterpieces Ottimo per ogni livello.

  11. げろっぱ4444 げろっぱ4444 says:

    4 4 2 P

  12. w w says:

    There is nothing else to say but THANK THE MUSIC GODS THIS WAS EVER MADE When I first bought this cd on a whim as a music major I was totally blown away This was something totally different and completely enchanting It came from the UK to the US slightly beat up but nothing I can t deal with Correa is a musical genius.

  13. Oliver K. Oliver K. says:

    These songs are wonderful As an improviser who has always loved Chick Corea s style, I learned a lot from the material in this book For instance, No 10 eventually led to my non pioneering discovery of the augmented scale This is the first time in a few years that I have freely devoted my time to learning songs from sheet music, and it s making me a better musician But also, the songs themselves are making me a better musician.There are no boring songs in this book Every piece has something new and worthwhile about it Some of them are daunting to learn Be ready to set the metronome to 50 bpm to work out that rhythm in No 12 Most of the earlier ones are hard to learn but easy to play once you ve learned them Actually, all music should probably feel that way But I mean that the hard part is getting the syncopation right Final thought I think it s funny that Chick Corea has been using this book onstage in his concert series this year It s total product placement, but I would rate it as a very helpful and relevant advertisement, if real life worked like Google Ads.Other final thought Listen to Chick Corea s versions He goes in for a solo on some of these songs.Post penultimate thought There are two or three unfortunately placed page turns, but they clearly couldn t have been done better You can handle it.

  14. Tracy Johnson Tracy Johnson says:

    I received a copy of an older edition from my piano teacher and was going to copy it, but discovered this edition, which has a different cover but exactly the same content I am enjoying learning these tunes

  15. Julio Nophal Julio Nophal says:

    An excellent album for intermediate piano players.