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London,the heir apparent to the kingship of Bechuanaland later Botswana arrives in Britain to complete his legal studies Seretse Khama, an urbaneyear old, educated like Mandela at Fore Hare, is welcomed into the elite world of the Inner Temple in London But then, in , he does something that will change the course of his life, and that of his country, forcing him into six long years of exile he falls in love with a white British woman, Ruth Williams Drawing on a mass of previously classified records, Susan Williams tells Seretse and Ruths storyan astonishing account of how the British Government conspired with apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia to prevent the mixed race royal couple returning home This is a shocking account of a shameful period of British history overt racism on the streets of London and the corridors of Whitehall, and of appeasement to apartheid South Africa But it is also an inspiring, triumphant tale of hope, courage, and true love, as with tenacity and great dignity Seretse and Ruth and the Bangwato people overcome prejudice in their fight for justice

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