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Learn how to code in Python by building and playing your own computer games, from creative quizzes to perplexing puzzles with explosive sound effects and zany graphicsWhether you re a seasoned programmer or a beginner hoping to learn Python, you ll find Computer Coding Python Games for Kids fun to read and easy to follow Each chapter shows you how to construct a complete working game in simple numbered steps Using freely available resources such as Pygame, Pygame Zero, and a downloadable pack of images and sounds, you can add animations, music, scrolling backgrounds, scenery, and other exciting professional touchesAfter building the game, find out how to adapt it to create your own personalised version with secret hacks and cheat codes Along the way, you ll master the key concepts that programmers need to write code not just in Python, but in all programming languages Find out what bugs, loops, flags, strings, and turtles are Learn how to plan and design the ultimate game, and then play it to destruction as you test and debug it Before you know it, you ll be a coding genius

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