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A landmark book The Observer One of the sharpest minds in this field Evening Standard A detailed and superbly researched account of the origins and consequences of the wave of financial crises that emanated from the core of the global financial system fromThe prose is clear The scholarship remarkable Even people who have followed this story closely will learn a great deal Martin Wolf Financial Times Deserves to be at the top of the reading list of anyone interested in the events ofA majestic narrative informative and often delightful, insights are to be found on every page Yanis Varoufakis Observer, Book of the Day The global financial crises were undoubtedly seismic and Tooze has provided a remarkably detailed narrative of their causes and consequences Sunday Times Skilful A bold attempt by Adam Tooze, a distinguished British American historian, to make sense of this recent tumult Sophisticated Evening Standard Bold and ambitiousprobably the best of the current books about the First World War Praise for THE DELUGE Observer Tooze made his name with The Wages of DestructionHis study of the postera is equally impressive, explaining why the US and its allies, having defeated Germany, were unable to stabilize the world economy and build a collective security system in Europe Praise for THE DELUGE, Tony Barber Financial Times BOOKS OF THE YEARAdam Tooze is the author of the highly praised The Deluge and The Wages of Destruction, both published by Allen Lane The Wages of Destruction won the Wolfson Prize for History and the Longman History Today Book of the Year Prize He has taught at Cambridge and Yale and is now Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History at Columbia University