[ Audiobooks ] The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive AdvantageAuthor Roger L Martin – Z55z.co

Most companies today have innovation envy They yearn to come up with a gamechanging innovation like Apple s iPod, or create an entirely new category like Facebook Many make genuine efforts to be innovativethey spend on Rfrom mystery something we can t explain to heuristic a rule of thumb that guides us toward solution to algorithm a predictable formula for producing an answer to code when the formula becomes so predictable it can be fully automated As knowledge advances across the stages, productivity grows and costs drop creating massive value for companiesMartin shows how leading companies such as Procter Gamble, Cirque du Soleil, RIM, and others use design thinking to push knowledge through the stages in ways that produce breakthrough innovations and competitive advantageFilled with deep insights and fresh perspectives, The Design of Business reveals the true foundation of successful, profitable innovation