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She is pretty and talented sweet sixteen and never been kissedHe is seventeen gorgeous and on the brink of a bright futureAnd now they have fallen in love But They are brother and sister Forbidden will take you on an extraordinary emotional journey Passionate and shocking, this is a book you will remember long after you have put it down

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  1. Elisa Locati Elisa Locati says:

    I have to admit that I started this book with a mixture of excitement and fear Excitement because I am drawn in literature towards all those themes that usually make me cringe in real life and incest is definitely one of them Fear, because I read a few comments about the book and I didn t know if I was ready to have my heart carved out of my chest just because of a story Turned out, I didn t quite have to worry about that.The story is definitely well written, no questions there I really enjoyed Suzuma s writing style, most of the time, she writes clearly and captures the readers attention, keeping them entertained I only have two complaints she uses lists continuously to describe someone s frame of mind as well as whatever is happening around the characters and she repeats things to a point that one wonders if they ve already read that part or not But she writes much better than many other authors I ve had the misfortune to read Kudos.Alas, I have no clue if it s because this is listed as a YA novel and I m definitely not used to YA books any , or if it s a choice of the author herself, but her characters are so over dramatic that I spent most of the time rolling my eyes at their thoughts and behaviours Oh my word I do understand that their situation is quite difficult, but darling, come on Try to do something different than just crying and banging your head against the wall Jeez Are teenagers all like that nowadays I hope not.SPOILERS AHEAD The ending was unnecessarily cruel, in my humble opinion I mean, I do understand that the author couldn t certainly let them live happily ever after, but did it really have to end like that And I almost think it s worse that Maya didn t go through with her decision in the end It would have been much less painful if she had.Also. I have to admit that I missed the point where they went from We re never ever going to do the nasty, don t you worry to Did you remember to buy condoms Great Let s do it But many little things in the books border the incomprehensible to be honest or probably it s once again the fact that I don t understand teenagers at all.All in all, three stars I think are perfect for this book Yes, a good, nice summer reading, nothing though.

  2. gis gis says:

    Libro veramente sconvolgente Ho sofferto insieme a loro x la loro triste situazione Mai avrei pensato a un finale cos disperato.Tante lacrime e un senso di vuoto x questo a perso nel vento.

  3. Stefy_ Stefy_ says:

    Devo ancora riprendermi parzialmente da quello stato di come definirlo Perplessit , attonimento, sofferenza Vi sono alcuni argomenti che solitamente non vengono mai trattati Sia perch sono poco conosciuti, oppure di scarso interesse, ma la maggior parte sono dei temi ritenuti taboo Forbidden elimina ogni tipo di barriera parlando in maniera schietta e diretta dell a tra fratello e sorella Non quell a fraterno che i due protagonisti, Maya e Lochan, provano nei confronti dei fratellini pi piccoli, ma qualcosa di molto pi profondo che va oltre la semplice fratellanza Un a dolce ma allo stesso tempo lacerante, da nascondere agli occhi di tutti.E non solo devono affrontare questi sentimenti che vengono aborriti dalla societ , ma al contempo hanno anche il dovere di badare ad una famiglia che sta cadendo a pezzi, con un padre fuggito ormai da tempo, una madre che non vuole arrendersi all evidenza della vecchiaia e continua a comportarsi come una trentenne dimenticandosi dei figli.Un libro intenso che riesce a comunicare in modo ancora pi efficace i pensieri dei personaggi attraverso la narrazione in prima persona Una storia struggente, fatta di a incrollabile e di odio, di fiducia e di tradimenti Di dolore, di gioia.E stato il finale a farmi crollare e scoppiare a piangere Non mi aspettavo nulla del genere, sebbene allo stesso tempo sapessi che un vero e proprio lieto fine non ci sarebbe potuto essere Per un attimo ho persino temuto che l opinione che avevo avuto fino a quel momento del libro sarebbe colata a picco, ma fortunatamente l autrice ha fatto la scelta giusta, nonostante le lacrime siano sgorgate copiose.

  4. Siobhan Davis Siobhan Davis says:

    Initial Thoughts This book almost destroyed me Heartbreaking.Full Review Forbidden was very thought provoking and I found myself, at times, both disgusted and sympathetic in equal measure Having reflected on it for a few days, it is hard to look at the love between Lochan and Maya as wrong even if that is how society categorizes it.Their family situation is completely dysfunctional They were quasi parents to their younger siblings, and they never really had a traditional brother and sister relationship I couldn t help wondering if they d had a normal upbringing would they have fallen in love or were they always destined for one another irrespective of their environment and their circumstances It s an interesting question and one that s had me thinking about this book several days after I finished it.Modern society has a genuine reason for saying no to incest proven birth defects in any children born of incestuous relationships And I get that, but my mind was contemplating all kinds of scenarios whereby it could be permitted what if it was allowed and both parties agreed to sterilization, then the risk is eliminated Of course, that wouldn t solve the stigma or the myriad of other issues, and I m not saying every government should rush out and change their laws because it s a hugely sensitive complex issue, but I would genuinely feel for any couple like Lochie and Maya and believe it s wrong that society says they can t be together.Characterization was superb in this book, with emotional depth and plenty of substance I felt both of their pain as they struggled with their feelings for one another as they tried valiantly to fight their attraction and burning need for one another The irony is that the family unit was actually stronger when they were together it made sense.Their parents should be strung up for their neglect and I wanted to hurl my Kindle a few times, such was my loathing for both mum and dad.I knew this wasn t going to end well but that finale still KILLED me I was sobbing my heart out for ages and I felt an actual pain in my heart It was horrific but compelling.I applaud the author for her ability to tackle such a complex subject with sensitivity and grit It was never glorified or ridiculed.The writing was breathtaking if a little over descriptive at times I did skim a bit.In summary, this book had a deep impact on me and I love books that challenge my thinking and challenge social norms This one will definitely stay with me for a long time.

  5. Terri T. Terri T. says:

    So where do you start to begin to review this book Raw, tragic, immensely sad and draining but also beautiful, so very well written and sensitively dealt with for a subject that is so taboo.Lochan and Maya are the eldest of the children in a family neglected by their drunken, slob of a mother who no longer cares about them enough to even come home and see them any, to take care of them and love them like a mother should Their father left when they were younger to start a new life with someone he met and hasn t been in their lives for years Lochan and Maya have had to take on the parental responsibilities of their sister and brother s Kit, Tiffen and 5 year old Willa They do all the cooking , cleaning, taking the children to school and also try to manage on very little money their mother throws their way when she can be bothered and in doing all this they too have to go to school and keep up with their homework The pressure is immense added to the fact that Lochan at only 17 has a crippling social debility in connecting to people and conversing with anyone outside of his family My heart ached for these two young people, that at an age so young they have been placed in a situation that gave them no choice but to carry on this awful way of life and it really upset me reading about the daily struggles they both had to contended with.With them growing up so closely and taking on these responsibilities they have become the parents, and grown extremely close, Lochan is Maya s best friend in the whole world and they love each other dearly They are much than just brother and sister and when one day they kiss, things escalate from there.To be honest It didn t shock me, I think I was concerned with the way they were living than with an incestuous relationship developing I actually could grasp the reasons why it all made sense when you get into the story but the outcome of course is so different.The characters are so well developed and I gravitated towards them so easily, I didn t want the book to end and I was holding my breathe through some of the later chapters as you know full well that them ending up happily ever after is a rare occurrence given the situation and nothing could have really prepared me for the ending of this book I didn t cry like some people have said they did, to be honest I think I was too stunned to cry and just sad, really sad that this whole situation fell upon shoulders so young.A really emotional, raw book that I think should be read because maybe just maybe this is not so unusual as we all think in this world we live in and who are we to judge anyway It certainly had me thinking and I commend the author for her work A must read

  6. Book in wonderland Book in wonderland says:

    It took me three days before I could even start to write this review and honestly I am still struggling to put my thoughts on paper I don t want to say I thought this novel was amazing or beautiful Although this are the words that first pop into my mind But no, honestly, I can t say that about this book You probably read the synopsis, so you already know it s about incest So saying it was a wonderful story is a bit weird and demeaning But it was a very captivating read And most of all it s a heartfelt story, with a very controversial topic that really chances your view on the whole topic.This book isn t a romanticised version of brother and sister incest Think about Flowers in the attick by Virigina Andrews No, Forbidden is layered with pain, longing, loneliness, self hatred and conflicted emotions I can t count the times that my heart broke and at the end of the book my eyes were thick and puffy from all the crying It s a very powerful story, but it is also one of the saddest stories I have read in ages When I closed the book, my husband looked at me and asked his usual question Good book My answer No, I hated it I hated the way it made me feel and all the things it made me think about It made me question everything I know about this subject.For me personally it was a two dimensional read I read it as a girl, who knows how it is to fall in love so completely that there is no way back I really felt for Lochan and Maya And my heart was breaking together with them I really felt their longing and I even hoped for a brief second that they would find a way to be together Because who are we in society to say something so pure is forbidden.On the other hand I read this book as a mother First of all there is the complete hatred towards the families very absent mother who has a serious drinking problem Second of all there is of course the idea that my children should fall in love with each other and there was that disgusted feeling again I would rage and scream I could never tolerated that kind of relationship between my own blood and bones.So a very conflicted read for me, but I would not have missed it for the world I even think I will reread it pretty soon to get out of the story then the first time, cause I am convinced there is to get out of it.