➿ Frazetta Sketchbook (vol II): 2 (Vanguard Frazetta Classics) Gratis ➶ Autor J David Spurlock – Z55z.co

Love this Frazetta sketchbook Very well done Beautifully printed Nicely packaged and quickly shipped. Vanguard S Original Sketchbook Series Continues With A Follow Up To The Best Selling Hit, Frazetta Sketchbook, Vol I, With Classic And Unseen Material By The Acclaimed, Revolutionary Master Of The Fantastic Art, Including Rare And Classic Conan, Tarzan, EC Comics, Death Dealer Material And Vanguard Is An Authorized Publisher Of Frank Frazetta Books Each Edition HC, PB Features A Unique Cover I don t know where the idea started that people want essays and writings from random people combined with their favorite art but its always been a bad idea and here even so There genuinely isn t enough art in this book and some of the bigger pieces are covered up due to needing space for text instead of letting them be as big as they need to be Also many small pictures could have taken space but they needed to keep that room for very useless essays.I got this book because I love Frazetta and wanted a book with high quality reproductions so I could do master studies of his roughs and completed works and instead I got a kid picture book heres some stories and some art that goes with it In a world where a Frazetta cover could dominate entire novels and they made a sketchbook dominated by essays Shameful. Wonderful insight into a master of the fantastic. love the artist and the book total enjoyment and a great read. good art Una compra obligada si eres fan de este autor y sobre todo si tienes el primero Una maravilla que debes tener en tu estanter a. Frazetta es mucho decir, y muy poco debe quedar por publicar, estos libros son lo que diriamos rebuscar en un desv n a ver que edito , ya no sale nada nuevo, bocetos y borradores de cualquier bloc del autor y alguna cosa que ya conociamos, supongo los siguientes libros ir n a menos, alg n d a se acabar y ese d a si que se nos habr ido Frazetta, Desde aqu saludo a Frank Frazetta, est donde est , que tan buenos momentos me ha dado desde que conoc su obra all por 1977 con aquellos bonitos libros de Ballantine y los que vinieron despu s GRACIAS MAESTRO