books Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with TrashAuthor Edward Humes –

A Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist takes readers on a surprising tour of Americas biggest export, our most prodigious product, and our greatest legacy our trashThe average American producestons of garbage across a lifetime andbillion in squandered riches are rolled to the curb each year But our bins are just the starting point for a strange, impressive, mysterious, and costly journey that may also represent the greatest untapped opportunity of the centuryIn Garbology, Edward Humes investigates trashwhats in it how much we pay for it how we manage to create so much of it and how some families, communities, and even nations are finding a way back from waste to discover a new kind of prosperity Along the way , he introduces a collection of garbage denizens unlike anyone youve ever met the trash tracking detectives of MIT, the bulldozer driving sanitation workers building Los Angeles Garbage Mountain landfill, the artists residing in San Franciscos dump, and the family whose annual trash output fills not a dumpster or a trash can, but a single mason jar Garbology reveals not just what we throw away, but who we are and where our society is headed Waste is the one environmental and economic harm that ordinary working Americans have the power to changeand prosper in the process Garbology is raising awareness of trash consumption and is sparking community wide action through One City One Book programs around the countryIt is becoming an increasingly popular addition to high school and college syllabi and is being adopted by many colleges and universities for First Year Experience programs