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Soon to be streaming on Netflix and BBC iPlayer The Breakfast ClubmeetsPretty Little Liarsin Gretchen McNeils witty and suspenseful novel about four disparate girls who join forces to take revenge on high school bullies and create dangerous enemies for themselves in the process Perfect for fans of E Lockhart, Karen M McManus, and Maureen JohnsonBree Deringer, Olivia Hayes, Kitty Wei, and Margot Mejia have nothing in common At least thats what theyd like the students and administrators of their elite private school to thinkThe girls have different goals, different friends, and different lives, but they share one very big secret Theyre all members of Dont Get Mad, a secret society that anonymously takes revenge on the schools bullies, mean girls, and tyrannical teachersBut when their latest target ends up dead with a blood soaked DGM card in his hands, the girls realize that theyre not as anonymous as they thoughtand that someone now wants revenge on themAs the unlikely group searches for the killer, they also uncover secrets and lies that rock their tenuous friendship to the core Soon the clues are piling up, the police are closing in and everyone has something to lose

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  1. Jean-Bob Jean-Bob says:

    The strangest thing has happened here this book is plainly ridicolous in most part, but I liked it anyway.The Pretty Little Liars ugly little sibling.

  2. Bree Zee Bree Zee says:

    Had I known this was part 1 I d never have picked it up but given how many times the author had the same scene as nauseum just with different characters should have been a clue Here s my new club NBTB Not buying the book.

  3. MamaGhostBooks MamaGhostBooks says:

    What a fun, light hearted mystery McNeil s writing continues to grow The characters are well developed and the mystery drawn well enough to keep me guessing I read it within a day and immediately started its follow up GET DIRTY If you are looking for the book equivalent of Veronica Mars, this is it.

  4. Ourwares Ourwares says:

    Not what we wanted going to send it back.

  5. Jessica S. Jessica S. says:

    Gretchen McNeil s Get Even is the first in her duology Don t Get Mad I recently picked up Gretchen s books earlier this year and was eating them up Now most of you know, I m a paranormal reader and while 2 3 of her previous books had paranormal elements, they all had a nice thriller sense to them And while I may be a big chicken with thriller movies, I love a good thriller read And Gretchen McNeil provides excellent thrilling reads for fans This story is pretty different from her previous ones, in that we have than one narrator It s still third person, but multiple third person from our four members of Don t Get Mad DGM Kitty, Margot, Olivia, and Bree are all completely different teenagers from different circles, yet one school project joined them together to stand up for the little man Their group puts bullying to shame and it s their goal to publicly humiliate bullies and get a sense of justice for the victims We see their work in progress in the first chapter They keep their club a secret for obvious reasons It s highly known at school that DGM means trouble.It s not long before the girls are working towards a new case even though it goes against their rules, and sure enough something bad happens Their intended target is murdered The school falls to chaos with the news Teachers are pointing the finger at DGM, but the girls are innocent, not that they can say But the weird doesn t stop there Someone knows about them For someone is sending each of the girls mysterious notes and pictures that will try to tear the members of DGM apart I was surprised by how easy this was to follow along with When I saw that there were four main characters, I ll admit, I was a bit hesitant that I would be scrambling to keep up, because the plot sounded so intense with a murder mystery along side a secret organization But it wasn t all that hard You see each of our heroines all come from different social circles at school and they all have their own lives and problems to deal with It s only with their group DGM where they find anything to connect themselves to one another.Bree is your resident rebel at a school of Catholic students, Olivia is the drama over achiever, Kitty is the athlete over achiever, and Margot is the smart one Yet all of them have issues that they are trying to deal with And I thought the issues Gretchen assigned to them were all very real These are issues that teens deal with in high school and I applaud how she handled them in a realistic way, yet wasn t overly preachy or showy Like saying here s my character with eating disorders She exhibited the mantra Show, Don t Tell, very well here Kudos, Gretchen The mystery buildup was very good too Sadly with the duology, there s no answers here And I was wondering how Gretchen would wrap it up And I have to say, I wasn t expecting the twist I will say, a bit begrudgingly, that the cliffhanger isn t too killer It won t leave you screaming in agony like some cliffhangers have been known to do believe me, I ve screamed quite a few times in the past But it s still an ending that leaves you wanting to know what happens next asap And since I read this as an ARC, my torture begins over 3 months earlier I feel the agony rising already And I must say that I enjoyed each of the girls romance exploits Margot s touched my heart a bit, since she had her own self doubt issues, but of course another character s theories had me wondering something It seems Margot has gotten than one boy s attention There s drama between Kitty and Olivia and one boy as they both are in love with him And then there s Bree who has her own crush on a rock star, while she remains to be a bit clueless as to who s crushing on her But as I said, I enjoyed these romantic interludes for they were all pretty sweet Bree is definitely my favorite character Perhaps because she s the rebel She doesn t conform to any social role really She s just Bree She s got a nice snarky attitude that I adore in my heroines And of course she played a huge role with the mini cliffhanger, so I am left reeling with what will happen next in this duology Gretchen McNeil is an author you cannot pass up Buy her books today Overall Rating 5 5 stars

  6. Joshua Schiller Joshua Schiller says:

    I m not easily won over by fiction, but I loved this book Yeah, there was some cheese and you had to suspend some disbelief, but I couldn t put this book down I m dying to read the second book to see how it ends, but I found myself guessing at every turn I thought the pacing was great, the high school drama was believable, and that the story flowed brilliantly It actually took me back to my old high school days and got me wondering what a story like this would have looked like there.

  7. Serene Hor Serene Hor says:

    Received product as described Swift delivery Highly recommended

  8. CommanderAlexander21 CommanderAlexander21 says:


  9. Gramma Jenny Gramma Jenny says:

    Purchased for my Grandaughter, she enjoys this author very much

  10. Fire Dad ^7 Fire Dad ^7 says:

    This is an interesting story with some twists that you don t see coming True to McNeil s style you will keep guessing the whole way through and fly through the pages as you find it hard to put down.

  11. S Morgan S Morgan says:

    I ll start by saying I read the first 1 4 of this book, skipped the middle completely and read the last 1 4 I honestly don t think I missed a thing I wasn t confused by anything at the end The story line had huge promise but I think the unnecesary drama surrounding the characters love lives got in the way I m going to try the second book because of the huge cliffhanger ending and I m hoping all the personal issues are out of the way and we ll get into the actual suspense I was hoping for.

  12. Ferroot Ferroot says:

    A good read