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If youve ever had a coffeeanywhere in the world,chances are Josh and histeam had something todo with it.How did the unexpected metaphor of the lobstermake this extraordinary business growth happen Over fifteen years, Josh Dick transformed a smallfamily business into a global market leader in thecoffee industry with customers in over 70 countriesand distribution facilities on three continents Inthe process, sales grewthan 25 times whileearnings multiplied over 275 times After the sale ofthe business, Josh moved to Florence, Italy, wherehe now lives with his wife and three daughters.In Grow Like a Lobster, Josh shares his insights withleaders seeking to create their own dream jobs Heprovides a guidebook for steering any organizationthrough the growth and molting phases we all encounterwhen working to create extraordinary results. Grow like a Lobster non una filosofia un manuale Il libro da spunti reali per migliorare ogni tipo di attivit produttiva.Senza alcun dubbio costituisce un valido e veloce apprendimento per un imprenditore che vuole creare una economia esponenziale migliorandone ogni aspetto ad essa correlata Great A great book with simple but critical messages for whom would like to start or is running a business It s not easy to present a difficult subject in an approachable way Joshua Dick really succeeded in this aspect An easy read, highly recommended. I cannot say enough about this book I was not expecting much from it, but Josh Dick fills the pages with treasures of information for the people trying to build their business Many pages doggy eared and I am excited to implement his ideas.