How to Read Islamic Carpets (The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How to Read) eBook –

Carpets Made In The Rug Belt An Area That Includes Morocco, North Africa, The Middle East, Central Asia, And Northern India Have Been A Source Of Fascination And Collecting Since The Th Century This Engaging And Accessible Book Explores The History, Design Techniques, Materials, Craftsmanship, And Socioeconomic Contexts Of These Works, Promoting A Better Understanding And Appreciation Of These Frequently Misunderstood Pieces Fifty Five Examples Of Islamic Carpets Are Illustrated With New Photographs And Revealing Details The Lively Texts Guide Readers, Teaching Them How To Read Clues Present In The Carpets Walter B Denny Situates These Carpets Within The Cultural And Social Realm Of Their Production, Be It A Nomadic Encampment, A Rural Village, Or An Urban Workshop This Is An Essential Guide For Students, Collectors, And Professionals Who Want To Understand The Art Of The Islamic Carpet

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  1. Michael H. Kaplan Michael H. Kaplan says:

    Very informative book on the Met s extensive collection of Oriental rugs with excellent descriptions of each carpet More than a catalogue The book is an educational tool designed to help you understand and appreciate Oriental rugs.

  2. xtj xtj says:

    I m on page 20, and the writing is really bad The descriptions of dyeing and weaving are very poorly organized and unclear This section reads like it wasn t edited.

  3. Elizabeth H Elizabeth H says:

    This book has a beautiful collection of Carpets from all over the Islamic world The photos are striking and it s a really great book.I had to return the first book due to water damage, but received the second book within a week and the return was very easy.

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  5. Customer Customer says:

    Handful of pages devoted to reading islamic rug patterns So, misleading on that front but a good book on the rug collection at the MET.