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I knew I would love this book, because I already love watching Isaac on QVC, especially with Shawn K when she has to ask him the definition of an unfamiliar word he used when he was speaking to her It is always good to learn new words it makes us better Scrabble players I can tell that Isaac inherited his love of the English language from his mother I just love reading about her, knowing how she positively shaped his life And the painful parts of his life s story make him relatable to the rest of us, even though he is a celebrity But you will laugh out loud on every page that you read Like I said in the review title, I knew it would be a wonderful read. A very well written memoir from a man that s lived a very inspired life I originally got I.M for my mom as she s a huge fan of Issac Mizrahi and after she finished she recommended I give it a read Breezed through it in a couple days Love hearing his stories about his relationship with his mother and what inspires him Great read I.M is a most beautiful book What rises to the surface is Isaac s enduring creativity, curiosity and fortitude There was a comment by someone that they wanted the book to have fashion stories There are lots of them But the point of the book to me was how Isaac used little daily pleasures in life like food and taxis and dogs to get through all the struggles of his challenging career You will not be disappointed I loved reading this boos so much so i hated to see it end I have been a fan of Issac s for years loving him on QVC.My closet overflows with his clothes and shoes I thought the book was both sad and at times funny I loved reading about his relationship with his mother and happy she is still alive and enjoying his success Issac was very open about his childhood and his life style As i am in my senior years i loved reading about the great dept stores that no longer are in business and all the different styles of years ago Now when i see Issac on TV i will have a much better understandng of who he is. I really enjoyed this memoir Mizrahi is exceptionally multi talented and brilliant, and also a very articulate and intelligent writer I feel like a learned a lot about making it in fashion designing, New York in the 80 s 90 s, as well as navigating life as a gay man before it was accepted by society Overall, it was very endearing I also had to watch Unzipped, which was great to watch after reading the memoir My one complaint it would have been SO great to see pictures Why no photos I ve been struggling to read anything completely so far this year This is the second book I ve finished and it was fun, and moving, and hopeful I love the voice Isaac writes in, and I feel like I made a friend through the book. Really liked his start with Perry Ellis, moving to the ill fated Geoffrey Banks and then Calvin Klein, failed ventures all, at least as far as he was concerned I think the mother was as in life overdone and the husband as in life a footnote with text but sadder still, his being pals with people who had none Not sure why there was so little about the one thing everyone remembers about him, the 1995 biopic Unzipped, maybe it was such a good time, it was too hard for him to remember I like to think of him from that one frame in his one movie Fame with Alan Parker in a court jester costume. INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In IM Isaac Mizrahi puts his life to paper with the same mix of spirit and wryness as the designs he popularized Vanity FairIsaac Mizrahi is sui generis designer, cabaret performer, talk show host, a TV celebrity Yet ever since he shot to fame in the late s, the private Isaac Mizrahi has remained under wraps Until nowIn IM Isaac Mizrahi offers a poignant, candid, and touching look back on his life so far Growing up gay in a sheltered Syrian Jewish Orthodox family, Isaac had unique talents that ultimately drew him into fashion and later into celebrity circles that read like a who s who of the twentieth and twenty first centuries Richard Avedon, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Wintour, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Meryl Streep, and Oprah Winfrey, to name only a few In his elegant memoir, Isaac delves into his lifelong battles with weight, insomnia, and depression He tells what it was like to be an out gay man in a homophobic age and to witness the ravaging effects of the AIDS epidemic Brimming with intimate details and inimitable wit, Isaac s narrative reveals not just the glamour of his years, but the grit beneath the glitz Rich with memorable stories from in and out of the spotlight, IM illuminates deep emotional truths Isaac is a hoot I saw him speak about the book and his life in person and was completely captivated by him so much so that I had to order the book to hear of what he had to say The book captured his wit, honesty, and drama in full focus It is a cheeky, exciting, and exclusive peek inside the fashion elite of the 80 s in New York City but even so, it is a beautiful self analysis and reflection of a uniquely talented young artist growing up in the ultra conservative Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn Isaac is incredibly empathetic and thoughtful in his understanding and explanation of the complicatd relationship between clothes, women, and community A truly compelling read