Free eBook Knife Edge: Book 2Author Malorie Blackman –

This book is so emotional that i had to take breaks from reading it I nevet classed myself as racist but her first book showed me i was, i was a passive racist but i have never felt anything like the hatred in these books And when you think that maybe theres a lesson, like love conquers all or something, any good feelings are ripped away from you and and your shocked by the intensity of the mindless hate all over again No happy endings here I bought this book after reading the first book in the series and I am not disappointed I would and have recommend this to anyone and I am now hooked I will definitely be buying the next books in the series. It was good to read it straight after Book1 and Novella, it maintained its deliberate pace and eventually made progress I cannot say these books are the best I have ever read they pass the time due ok by Lockdown I will now begin Book 3. I recently read Knife Edge and it is a very good book.It is gripping and fast moving.However I felt that one part of the story wasn t well planned After that moment which I cannot tell as it completely spoiles the story it became a very deppresing book which I certainly didn t like.Maybe it was just my taste of books but if you want a book whuch is very gripping I would read the Noughts and Crosses series One line descriptionA razor sharp sequel to the award winning NOUGHTS CROSSES, set nine months later, the second in a series of three novels set in this world First book was good and challenging but this is not up to that standard Pity. This is the second book in the noughts and crosses series callums dead and sephy is all alone and with her new daughter callie rose we see sephy develop as a character and what she goes through, and what comes to living with callums mum we see a battle against discrimination and race as we have done in the 1st noughts and crosses book This is an excellent young adult novel and iv really enjoyed it. As follow up books go, this did not disappoint The journey of torture, pain and plotting continued and did not let the readers down A powerful message too was being sent out. 2nd book in the quartet of Noughts and Crosses Favourite books of all time and I ve read a lot of books.Ever been in love, faced racism, domestic violence, fights then you ll love this book Will make you smile, laugh, cry, wonder.ALERT Read previous book before reading this one The order is 1 Noughts and Crosses2 Noughts and Crosses Knife Edge3 Noughts and Crosses Checkmate4 Noughts and Crosses Double Cross Perfect, Thank you.