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This book will be an ideal text for senior undergraduates and postgraduate students The information is up to date, informative and well illustrated and will allow readers to make valued decisions on the relevance and importance of mineral resources and energy to our civilization In addition, this book will be of great interest to the general public wanting to learn about mineral resources, economics and the environment Bruce Gemmell, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Stephen Kesler and Adam Simon have done a remarkably good job at presenting a wealth of information about mineral resources along with a balanced view of their economic, environmental and political context that should be easy to understand by technical and non technical readers alike They have made particularly good use of text boxes to highlight relevant information and to draw attention to some rather provocative topics that deserve discussion and debate I strongly recommend this book as a necessary reference to all who are serious about understanding the role of mineral resources in societies today M Stephen Enders, Colorado School of Mines I have been encouraging development of this revised edition for some time, as Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment includes the ideal mix of topics for a course that I teach on global issues in Earth resources In addition to the coverage of major energy, metallic, and industrial mineral commodities, the new chapter on technology elements is particularly timely The new pedagogic insets are an excellent means to guide critical thinking on the complex interplay of societal mineral resources demand and its consequences This revised edition should continue to be a leading textbook on Earth resources, as well as a useful reference for the non specialist J Richard Kyle, University of Texas, Austin the three topics in the title of this book are intimately interrelated and an understanding of all three is required to best plan for increased demand for minerals as global population grows and economic development advances This book contains a plethora of data and information that cannot be found easily elsewhere and provides a good gateway into the pertinent literature It should be required reading for anyone taking a side in the development vs environmental preservation debates related to mineral and energy extraction This should include policy makers both nationally and internationally I see this book as a nice companion textbook for geosciences classes in mineral deposits and also in environmental science, and it is an excellent choice of a textbook for a class for upper level undergraduate and graduate students designed to bridge the fields of mineral resources, environmental science, the law, and perhaps even ethics James A Saunders, American Mineralogist Mineral resource use has burgeoned in the decades since this classic text first appeared The authors retain most topics and illustrations in the second edition but thoroughly update reserve numbers, case studies, etc The new edition is longer but organized in the same manner Half of thechapters are devoted to general subjects eg exploration and mining law others are specific to categories of commodities eg precious metals gems and agricultural chemical minerals The longest chapter concerns nonrenewable energy resources, so the authors define the term mineral broadly New angles include the impacts of recent economic volatility and China s rapid expansion The authors mention environmental aspects of various mining activities but argue that trade offs are inevitable at this high level of consumption Readers may need prior knowledge in specific areas but will be rewarded with a succinct overview of the entire mineral resource landscape B M Simonson, ChoiceWritten for students and professionals, this revised textbook surveys the mineral industry from geological, environmental and economic perspectives Thoroughly updated, the text includes a new chapter on technology industry metals as well as separate chapters on mineral economics and environmental geochemistry Carefully designed figures simplify difficult concepts and show the location of important deposits and trade patterns, emphasising the true global nature of mineral resources Featuring boxes highlighting special interest topics, the text equips students with the skills they need to contribute to the energy and mineral questions currently facing society, including issues regarding oil pipelines, nuclear power plants, water availability and new mining locations Technical terms are highlighted when first used, and references are included to allow students to delvedeeply into areas of interest Multiple choice and short answer questions are provided for instructors online at cambridge kesler to complete the teaching package