Best Miniature Rooms: The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of ChicagoAuthor Fannia Weingartner –

Great book with wonderful photos and background, but even better is seeing the rooms at the museaum. The Thorne Rooms, Sixty Eight Miniature Models Of European Interiors From The Th Century On And American Furnishings From The Th Century On, Have Entranced Generations Of Visitors To The Art Institute Of Chicago This Charming Book Showcases These Rooms, Featuring Full Color Views Of Each One As Well As Eight Two Page Spreads Of Some Of The Most Spectacular Interiors The Introductory Essay By Bruce Hatton Boyer Chronicles How Chicago Socialite Mrs James Ward Thorne Conceived The Rooms They Were Made Between And By A Number Of Skilled Craftsmen According To Her Exacting Specifications Many Of The Rooms Were Inspired By Specific Interiors In Historic Houses, Palaces, And Sites Mrs Thorne Visited During Her Travels, And Fannia Weingartner S Individual Commentaries Provide Information About Each One In Addition, A Number Of Mrs Thorne S Original Drawings Are Reproduced To Actual Scale Stunning pictures..a must have for the dollhouse lover This book is beautiful It s the perfect gift for the miniature dollhouse lover in your life Chock full of fascinating descriptions of how these rooms were made, the staff Ms Thorne used to help her build these things out, and by the end of it, had me wanting to go cut up some balsa wood and make something tiny the rooms cover so many areas of history I really loved the 1930s penthouse.The photographs are stunning and the book is full of them Get this book You will not be sorry. Mrs Thorn must have been a real perfectionist She collected, decorated, and installed exacting rooms Each of her rooms had the most lovely miniature examples of period furniture She used the universal miniature rule of one inch to one foot Visiting the Art Institute if Chicago and viewing this exhibit should be on every person s list of the most important things to see and do during one s lifetime If you see this wonderful exhibit you will want this book for your personal library It is a must for anyone who is into collecting or studying period furniture Bravo to for having this lovely and so so informative book in their inventory