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A riotous, real feeling YA debut The Guardian Poor Noah Grimes His father disappeared years ago, his mother s Beyonce tribute act is an unacceptable embarrassment, and his beloved gran is no longer herself He only has one friend, Harry, and school is Well, it s pure hell Why can t Noah be normal, like everyone else at school Maybe if he struck up a romantic relationship with someone maybe Sophie, who is perfect and lovely he d be seen in a different light But Noah s plans are derailed when Harry kisses him at a party That s when things go from bad to utter chaos

13 thoughts on “Noah Can't Even

  1. Andrea Belfiori Andrea Belfiori says:

    Devo dire che all inizio il libro mi aveva preso moltissimo e mi aveva fatto morire dalle risate grazie al protagonista adorabilmente imbarazzante, per alla lunga la storia diventata un po troppo assurda e secondo me troppo piena di eventi anche se comunque tutto si collega in modo impeccabile Anche il comportamento di Noah mi sembrato un po ripetitivo e ridondante e alla lunga mi ha stancato Avrei voluto magari che accanto all umorismo ci fosse una storia un po pi profonda Resta comunque una lettura leggera e piacevole ma che forse alla lunga pu stancare Ma secondo me va letto solo per il personaggio della nonna di Noah, meravigliosa

  2. James N James N says:

    By turns hilarious and thought provoking With a cast of larger than life characters and the hero in the shape of poor Noah who embodies all our teenage worries and woes as he struggles to fit in and be normalThe story is a rollercoaster of cringeworthy moments as Noah navigates the finer points of first kisses, embarrassing boy problems whilst using gym equipment and a family that s guaranteed to drive even the sanest teenager totally bonkers There are many moments of laugh out loud snort tea through your nose comedy gold which sit nicely alongside really tender and heartfelt scenes, a plot that twists and turns and throws everything at our loveable hero who desperately tried to Jessica Fletcher his way out of everything A brilliant debut Here s hoping for many many D

  3. ReadingGirl26 ReadingGirl26 says:

    I have never read a book that instantly slammed me back into being a teenager at a British school the way that this book did.While I m not male, I felt a strong connection to Harry that stemmed from a childhood in the British public school system I m not sure if it was the bullying, identity crises, popularity and the lack of , or peer pressure but this book really nailed how I personally found school back in the 90 s.I love how realistic the characters are in this book from geeky and confused Noah who can blame him with that crazy family to cool, confident Harry The supporting characters Jess, Noah s mum, particularly his gran are fantastic and I love them to bits.Noah s mum literally gave me the chills as it was almost as though the author had perfectly captured someone I know very well.I struggled a little bit with how many random things happened to Noah from his obsession with Sophie, the kiss, his dad, his mum s new boyfriend, the drama with Jess and Josh, his nan and Eric, so much happened to poor Noah that even I found myself feeling overwhelmed at times.Overall, I really enjoyed this coming of age story and although being transported back into my own personal nightmare was tough, I thoroughly enjoyed Noah s journey.

  4. Tia Tia says:

    For awhile now I ve been looking for books that capture youth in raw emotion and this has been definitely by far one of the best books I ve read that focus on a boy particularly For those who love reading through the struggles, ups and downs of relationships and finding yourself regarding sexuality this book is definitely for you From humour to embarrassment to realisation to shock to heartache everything is all there Just read it You ll know what I mean if you still haven t gotten the idea Also, physically, the order came packaged well with no damage definitely worth the money D

  5. auldlangsyne auldlangsyne says:

    Read this book please I absolutely loved Noah Can t Even and I think many of us can identify with him and his struggles at school and with his sexual identity I was in hysterics by the second page , The book is so funny, the characters a bit like a cross between the In betweeners and Carry on and even important a happy ending I could really see this story rolling out on Channel four as a 13 part series as the characters all had that larger than life persona OK the book is a gay coming of age story with humour but to be honest it s much funnier than just being in the Gay and Lesbian category I believe the general public would find Noah a great character and so funny.

  6. a. jade a. jade says:

    full review on pursuitofwonderland.wordpress.com I m fortunate enough that I don t have to experience boy problems but when I started Noah Can t Even and witnessed Noah having to deal with a boy problem while in the middle of a PE lesson, I couldn t help but cringe then laugh at his misfortune.When I read the blurb I was pretty excited to read this, I love reading books where the main character is finding themselves especially when they regard sexuality and Simon James Green didn t disappoint.I started the book in the morning and was finished by mid afternoon, that s how much I enjoyed the writing and didn t want to stop reading about Noah s antics I was either nodding along to his constant reminders that we don t live in America, so can we please stop talking like we are and smiling as he thought about his best friend.The whole book was a rollercoaster of cringeworthy moments that any teenager would want to bury their head in the sand after, from surprise first kisses to his mum dating someone she possibly shouldn t be dating.Noah Can t Even is one of the funniest debuts I ve read and I can t wait to read of Simon s writing

  7. Lauras_Book_Addiction Lauras_Book_Addiction says:

    Remember that no moment is forever And other moments come along And sometimes they re even better Sometimes they re worse.I d seen Noah Can t Even pop up on bookstagram and after reading the summary I knew I had to read it and what a novel it was I adored Noah Harry and everything about the story It was paced perfectly with just the right amount of funny and serious A beautiful UKYA and a great LGBTQ novel I can t wait to read what Simon writes next.

  8. S. M. Cameron S. M. Cameron says:

    I ve been looking forward to this book since it was announced last year, and it did not disappoint It s silly, hilarious and at points over the top, but also really touching and quite relatable in a lot of ways It s also not at all predictable it took lots of surprising turns, and there were a few twists I didn t see coming at all.Noah is an amazing character he s so completely clueless both about his sexuality and about well, pretty much everything else in life in a way that s very endearing, but also quite realistic He gets picked on quite a lot at school, but a lot of it is depicted in a way that manages to be funny while never belittling him I thought that was quite impressive It was nice to have Harry, who s so confident about his sexuality, as a counterpoint to Noah s bewilderment, and I really liked that Sophie, who I d assumed would be a sort of throwaway character just to introduce the drama between the boys, plays an important role in the story It was so nice to read a book that deals with coming out and sexuality in such a funny way, and I can t wait to read what Simon James Green writes next.

  9. Roy Roy says:

    I really enjoyed this book and the whole story line of self discovery, a bit of mystery and romance I also truely enjoyed that it was relatable to me British young adult and the story didn t feel forced I felt that I really connected with the characters especially Noah Noah s and Harry s relationship is so great and you defininatly ship them the whole way through It was easy to follow and wasn t confusing and was a joyful read especially with all the little twists that weren t predicable I ve pre ordered his next book and can t wait to read it to follow on from this amazing story

  10. Noor Noor says:

    You never get bored with this one Like events happen one after another and like everytime you think it can t get worse, it does and poor main character Tho there isn t any romance if not towards the end between the main character and his best friend But still, it ends uncompleted and needs a proper closure Lately, I found out the second book is coming out in June so yeah it s worth a try

  11. Amy Reads Books Amy Reads Books says:

    Brilliant, hilarious, touching story about nerdy Noah Grimes, his friends, love interests, enemies and family Easily the funniest YA novel I ve ever read.

  12. Catman Catman says:

    Loved this book, which is set in the UK, which is refreshing The story is fast paced and the characters well rounded and real I m not one for laughing out loud but couldn t help myself at points in the story I d definitely recommend this book.

  13. MCF MCF says:

    One of the funniest and touching books I ve read in a long time Noah is an endearing character with whom it was easy to identify He is good and kind and well intentioned but manages to get himself in to all sorts of trouble and you really feel for him The pace and style of the book makes it an easy read and, once started, it is hard to put it down His romance with Harry is very sweet and I couldn t wait to get the sequel Noah Could Never.