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The highly anticipated, mind blowing New York Times bestselling sequel to Kiersten Whites New York Times bestseller,AND I DARKENthe series that reads like HBOs Game of Thrones if it were set in the Ottoman EmpireA SISTER FILLED WITH RAGE Lada Dracul has no allies No crown All she has is what shes always had herself After failing to secure the Wallachian throne, Lada is out to punish anyone who dares cross her She storms the countryside with her men, but brute force isnt getting Lada what she wants And thinking of Mehmed,the defiant Ottoman sultan,brings little comfort to her thorny heart Theres no time to wonder whether he still thinks about her, even loves her She left him before he could leave her HER BROTHER CAUGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS Lada needs the support of her diplomatic younger brother, Radu But Mehmed has sent him to Constantinopleand its no diplomatic mission Mehmed wants control of the city, and Radu has earned an unwanted place as a double crossing spy behind enemy lines And for the first time in his life, when Lada asks him for help, he refuses leading his sister to make the darkest of choices THE ULTIMATE POWER PLAY Torn between loyalties to faith, to the Ottomans, and to Mehmed, Radu knows he owes Lada nothing If she dies, he could never forgive himselfbut if he fails in Constantinople, would Mehmed ever forgive him As nations fall around them, the Dracul siblings must decide what will they sacrifice to fulfill their destinies Empires will topple, thrones will be won and souls will be lostFans of Victoria Aveyards THE RED QUEENand Sabaa Tahirs A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHTwont want to miss this riveting and gorgeously written novelthe second in the And I Darken series Gorgeous, rich, and rewarding Booklist, starred review Absolutely devastating in the best way Kirkus, starred reviewA ,knivesAmie Kaufman, New York Times bestselling co author of the STARBOUND and ILLUMINAE FILES trilogies Fierce, epic, and crazy funMelissa Albert, New York Timesbestsellingauthor of THE HAZEL WOODA Teen Choice Book Award nominee Praise for And I Darken A dark jewel of a story, one that gleams with fierce, cunning charactersabsolutely riveting Alexandra Bracken,New York Timesbestselling author of PassengerA dark, gritty, and seriously badass epic that will have you dying for required reading for every feminist fantasy fan BuzzFeedEvocative this book takes no prisoners NPR

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  1. CC Sanders CC Sanders says:

    Where to start This sequel just made the whole series so much better This is definitely a contender for my favorite series I read this year.I wish all my history lessons would have been written like this This book reads like a fun fantasy story but it is a total historic fiction, it seems very well researched and I learn so much about the era and the Ottoman empire Thank you Kiersten for teaching me a thin or two about that time and place.It is incredible how a gay lesbian story arc is woven into that time period, makes total sense and doesnt feel preachery or pushed fake Well done I enjoyed how the characters develoed so much Especially Radu, who only felt like the whiney sidekick in the first book became one of my favorite story arcs I could read about him and Nazira for hours, following them has turned into my favorite part.

  2. mylibraryofdreams mylibraryofdreams says:

    Pers nliche MeinungIch wollte ja Band zwei gar nicht lesen, aber mein Buddy Reader Sofi hat mich dazu berredet und Gott sei Dank Band zwei konnte mich von Anfang bis Schluss fesseln und berzeugen She is so beautiful, Petru whispered, peering through the hedge they hid behind You look nothing like her Nicolae cringed And that, Petru, is why your line will die with you Die Kapitel wechseln sich ab zwischen Radu und Lada Sie sind zeitlich etwas verschoben und verfolgen das jeweilige Geschehen der Geschwister In diesem Buch treffen sie nicht aufeinander, haben aber zwei, dreimal einen schriftlichen Austausch.Lada ist damit besch ftigt ihr Wallachia zur ckzuerobern und sich als Frau in einer von M nnern dominierten Welt durchzuschlagen Sie schliesst B ndnisse, k mpft und baut eine Tiefe Verbindung zu ihren M nnern und Soldaten auf Ladas Kapitel sind sehr d ster und obwohl ich nicht mit allem einverstanden bin, was sie da so treibt, geh rt sich doch zu einer meinen liebsten weibliche Protagonistinnen Sie ist einfach richtig badass und zwar nicht la Aelin pff No one will be brutal than me No one will be ruthless And I will never stop fighting Ihre Beziehung zu Mehmed finde ich total spannend und ich habe auch gleichzeitig etwas Schiss, wie das zwischen den Beiden enden wird brrr I have met your sister, and I have met Mehmed They love themselves and their ambition above all else They love what feeds their ambition, and when it stops feeding that, the love will turn to hate with passion than either could ever love with You love with all your heart, Radu, and deserve someone who can answer that with all of theirs Radus Kapitel hingegen drehen sich haupts chlich um Konstantinopel Und sind nicht minder d ster Besonders die Angriffe fand ich echt hart zu lesen Er wird von Mehmed als Spion dorthin geschickt und zusammen mit Nazira schleust er sich beim Feind ein Ich fand die beiden so s ss zusammen und es war auch total toll mitzuerleben wie Radu immer mehr in einen Strudel aus Gef hlen ger t, da er sich den Konstantinoplern immer wie mehr verbunden f hlt und nicht mehr genau weiss, auf welcher Seite er eigentlich steht Ich w nsch mir so soo soo sehr, dass Radu ein Happy End bekommt I thought this would feel different, Mehmed said, melancholy shaping his words like a song He leaned against Radu, finally giving him the contact he had craved for so long So did I, Radu whispered Oh und dieses Ende __ Nachdem Band eins eher so lala war, konnte mich Band zwei sehr berzeugen und ich werde mir Band 3 auf jeden Fall holen Fazit Wow Das hat mir so viel besser gefallen als Band eins

  3. Alex_K Alex_K says:

    I liked the first book, but I seriously LOVE this one Why Well, the characters are developed, the world building is even amazing and after starting the first chapter I was unable to stop reading I was pulled into the history of Lada and Radu, and seeing how everything unfurled was so great I hold my breath every time Lada attacked a village, trying to take what was rightfully hers I was sad for Radu, every time he laid eyes on I was simply involved in the story and I highly recommend the book to everyone This series is so worth giving a try I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK

  4. Miss K Marsden Miss K Marsden says:

    Radu has chosen to follow Mehmed and his dream to take Constantinople Lada has chosen their homeland of Wallachia Both have impossible tasks in front of them.I really enjoyed the first book, and I finally treated myself to paperbacks of the whole trilogy So, please excuse me if there is any crossover of content that is in the other books, because I ve been tearing through all three in one go, and it s a bit of a blur We jump in about 6 months after the end of the first book.Lada has tried to reclaim her throne, but she is being blocked by short sighted boyars and other men in power, who can t see past her being a girl They cannot see beyond their traditions and dismiss her.She can no longer rely on her brother, and Mehmed s promises are empty.Lada finally finds an ally in Hunyadi, the Hungarian general she has admired for years.I was completely hooked, following her frustrations with the men and women that constantly demand that she conform, that she should adopt dresses and a meek attitude to placate the men around her.Naturally, Lada is strongly opposed to this I loved watching her pull apart the old world to forge a new, fairer one She is utterly brutal.Meanwhile, Radu begins to feel like his friendship with Mehmed is getting strained Mehmed is playing his part as Sultan, remaining professional and distant at most times, and let s not forget that Radu is still hopelessly in love with him.Radu gets to prove his usefulness when Mehmed sends him to Constantinople as a spy, to break the city from within, just as his army will lay siege to the walls.Radu goes willingly, but the theory of spying for the good of the empire does not match up to having to live with the people he is betraying.The distance helps Radu come to terms with his unrequited love for Mehmed not to mention, a little help from a certain Cyprian.At the end, because of Lada and Mehmed s complete inability to compromise, it s clear that the three of them will be brought together again.Time for the final part

  5. SheReads SheReads says:

    This is the second in the Conqueror s Trilogy, centering around Lada Dracul and her brother, Radu.As Lada s sights on the Wallachian throne never shift, neither do Radu s from the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed Both are determined to get what they want and both have very different methods of attaining them Lada is as sharp as the knives she wields, and Radu has a gift for manipulation and words Whilst Lada inches ever closer to her dream, Radu is sent further from his, in order to get closer than ever Both brother and sister wish the other were with them in order to help them, and strive to harness what their sibling does best Lada begins to realise she has no way with words, and Radu must muster confidence to plunge daggers into the hearts of men he bears no ill will Both Lada and Radu come to realise that their dreams comes with a price, and both must make devastating choices if they wish to have them realised.This sequel is badass Seriously Lada is bloodthirsty, and even Radu does some things that are out of character but he is forced into Whilst Lada is supposed to be the main storyline, Radu s is just as engaging as it was in the first book and I can t pick a favourite between them They are two sides of the same coin Where the first book was a coming of age, this one is centered around solidifying their characters and the reader really gets to grips with who they are as people and what they are willing to do They have beautiful character arcs that are nicely fleshed out Both journeys were incredible, and I loved every page.It also has me reaching for a history book, as I have no real knowledge of the Crusades or the Ottomans in general Most of my education focused on WW2, so personally, I found it refreshing to be immersed in so different a culture that ultimately shaped the history of Christianity and Islam Whilst White makes allowances for taking from history to create fiction, she writes so seamlessly and shows such understanding of nobility and the general way of life in Hungary, Wallachia, Constantinople, etc, that I feel thirsty to know .For YA, it s quite dark, but isn t that the road the genre is headed down these days Personally, I loved it I can t wait for the next one.

  6. Clive Butterfield Clive Butterfield says:

    Sequel to a very good first book, from which the reader could guess what was to come However this book doesn t cover nearly enough ground and is less pacey by far than the first It is easy to presume that book two was simply a vehicle to set up book three Now that s all well and good if there is enough content to carry the reader along I m not convinced we weren t short changed slightly in that So only 4 stars this time from me.

  7. Lagertha Lagertha says:

    I adore this series It has EVERYTHING I love in a book Cool story Amazing writing Show don t tell at top speed REAL characters with great development Plot twists Emotions coming right at you like cannon ballsIn book one I was Lada s n.1 fan I liked Radu, but I was completely focused on how I can relate to Lada Now, I love Radu as well DSo yeah dying to read book 3

  8. Entre Les Livres Entre Les Livres says:

    Toujours d chir e entre Mehmed et sa patrie, Lada Dracul est retourn e prendre son tr ne en Valachie Mais les nobles, qui y ont d j mis leur pantin, repoussent ses troupes et elle doit alors faire des alliances inattendue dans l espoir de reprendre ce qu il lui a t promis.Pendant ce temps, Radu, qui a pr f r rester aupr s de Mehmed, l homme qu il aime, et a ainsi abandonn sa soeur, est envoy en infiltration dans la cit de Constantinople, le but ultime du sultan Mais les gens qu il rencontre l bas et les horreurs de la guerre le font rapidement remettre en question sa d cision de suivre Mehmed au d pit de Lada.Entre victoires militaires, conqu tes amoureuses et vengeance, qui saura l emporter Livre lu en VO Apr s avoir beaucoup appr ci le premier tome, je n ai pas pu attendre bien longtemps avant de me procurer la suite En voyant que ce second volet tait un peu plus long, j avais un peu peur d tre d ue car le premier comportait d j quelques longueurs et les seconds tomes se r v lent g n ralement tre des transitions sans beaucoup d action Mes doutes se sont r v l s incorrects, et j en suis tr s contente D abord, le probl me des enfants qui me paraissaient trop matures est bien videmment limin puisque depuis la moiti de And I Darken, Lada et Radu sont sortis de l enfance Ce fut galement un grand plaisir de retrouver l univers ottoman que je d couvrais dans le tome 1 et ce fut encore meilleur d obtenir enfin les conqu tes et batailles que j attendais d j dans le tome pr c dent le titre The Conquerors Saga prend enfin tout son sens, ma grande satisfaction.Certes, on ressent l g rement qu il s agit tout de m me d un tome de transition, mais l action s encha ne facilement sous la plume fluide et toujours parfaite de Kiersten White, avec ce qu il de sarcasme et de langage soutenu sans en rajouter L alternance des chapitres entre Lada et Radu, qui ont chacun leur propre histoire malgr quelques liens, finit de rendre le r cit tr s addictif.Les personnages, que j appr ciais d j un peu dans And I Darken, sont encore plus attachants, plus particuli rement Radu mais aussi, de fa on surprenante pour moi, Lada, qui est toujours une battante et ne l che jamais Malgr son sale caract re, j ai enfin r ussi mieux m attacher elle Tous les personnages sont plut t rationnels et prennent des d cisions compr hensibleset m me parfois satisfaisantes notamment la fin, du c t de Lada.Enfin j ai galement beaucoup appr ci le f minisme et la repr sentation diverse de la femme pr sents dans ce livre il y a des battantes, des douces, des arrogantes et il en va de m me chez les hommes, sans distinction Ce tome ci tait aussi plus nuanc que le pr c dent la ligne entre les gentils et les m chants se floute et est parfois franchie, ce qui ajoute au r alisme et puis aussi, j ai toujours eu un faible pour les histoires qui mettent en sc ne des antih ros.En conclusion, Now I Rise est un second tome qui a su encore mieux me convaincre que le premier, et o j ai ador retrouver Lada et Radu au coeur des intrigues politiques et guerri res qui manquaient l g rement And I Darken Je me retrouve donc avec une tr s grande envie d encha ner avec le tome 3, mais pour cela il faudra attendre Juillet

  9. Sophie Schreave-Santamaria Sophie Schreave-Santamaria says:

    Simplemente lo am tanto como am el primer libro And I Darken Es una historia diferente y muy atrapante.

  10. Cathy CARRIER Cathy CARRIER says:

    Un buen final

  11. Karen Blue Karen Blue says:

    This book made me want to read the history I dislike historical non fiction, but this book made me want to do some research I actually did look up some of the main characters from this story and the whole story is now very familiar It is so inspiring to see how this author has blended historical fact with fictional characters long forgotten to make us all interested in their fate.I feel like this story moved faster than the first book because it covered a much smaller time span That seems wrong, but the first book covered decades and this story takes place over a year or less This story alternated between Lada and Radu s POV Radu is sympathedic to Lada but wants Mehmed to love him Lada wants her country and feels Radu s rightful place is with him Things are finally getting put into place for both Mehmed and Lada to achieve their life long goals leaving Radu with the scraps.I really loved the historical setting for this story There is something to be said for writing historical fact into a fictional setting The author describes this gritty time in all its uncomfortable glory The clothes, the housing, the weather, it is all well laid out for the reader I think the most interesting place we visited in this story, and there was so much traveling happening here, is Constantinople The city is not at all what Mehmed and Radu think it will be, but somehow it is exactly what I imagined a 15th century city to be.Lada is ruthless in this story Living in the 15th century she hates the way women are treated and she vows to change that for the women in her own country She gets her hands dirty, she is under estimated, she is the warrior her country needs to lead them Lada struggles with her sexuality She doesn t regret leaving Mehmed but she needs something to fill the void Lada seems bloodthirsty but she is only the product of a bloody family line that takes what they know is theirs Lada spends most of this story building alliances in preparation of one final stand to demand the crown she knows is hers.Radu leads his life with his heart He is torn between the safety of Nazira, his wife who he has grown to love very much in a platonic way, and pleasing the sultan he desires Radu is such a good man and he is just in his approach to life He may not be the warrior Lada is, but he fights for what is right His is sickened by the war created by Mehmed for a city that isn t really great, but housing some new friends Radu knows are worthy of living The most disturbing aspect of Radu is that he fights for a religion he feels home in that forbids his very nature His trials are heartbreaking Radu has grown so much from the last book becoming possibly my favorite character I need to see Radu with the happy ending he deserves.This is fast becoming one of the greatest series ever The characters are unforgettable I can t wait for the conclusion to this saga and I am secretly dreading it Even the ending of this book was bloody brilliant If you haven t read this, I suggest you go right now and pick this up Once again for this series,if I gave 6 stars, this sequel would get it.

  12. Ashley Tidwell Ashley Tidwell says:

    I love this book Oh my gosh I love this book It s the sequel so I ll spoil things that happen in the first book so only read if you have read And I Darken Anyways, Lada is own her own with men she trust trying to take back her throne and it s not going well Can I just say I love Lada with all my heart She s mean, she s vicious, and she gets what she wants because of it There were some points where I thought she can t get crueler but she does and I love her for it Now understand it s a historical gender bended retelling of Vlad the Impaler and totally fiction, Vlad was horrible so Lada is horrible If Lada was real I d probably hate her but she s not I don t agree with her or how she acts but I loved how she refused to stop to get what she wanted The story is split between her and her brother Radu and the different journeys they had taken from the first book Lada going after her throne and Radu staying with the sultan going after Constantinople Can I say Radu is an idiot and that he should have went with his sister without the world yelling at me Sure he stayed for love but Mehmed didn t love him and didn t want anything to do with Radu outside of friendship Their relationship and what Radu would do to survive in the war waged made me sad for him He can t see his own worth outside of how other see him and it kind of broke my heart Then the worth Lada gave herself was so much compared They are the direct opposite of each other I love it all It was a relatively fast read when I had the time for the actual size of the book I enjoyed the old side characters that made their appearances and the new ones I really want another in the series that goes so far off the truth of history where Lada just rules the world but alas won t happen If you want a good Slytherin book series this is it It s filled with ambition and powerful people I loved it.