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In Her Impressive First Novel, Klein Retells Hamlet, Expanding On The Romance Between Its Hero And Ophelia, Who Narrates This Version Keeping True To The Framework Of The Play, The Heroine, Now , Reports The Tragic Events In The Troubled Elsinore Castle When She First Speaks To Hamlet, Ophelia Is A Year Old Ragged Tomboy Tagging Along After Her Brother, Laertes A Year Later, Ophelia Is Accepted Into Queen Gertrude S Court Becoming A Lady, I Learned, Was Not Easy , And She Grows Into A Beautiful, Rather Outspoken Young Woman With An Interest In Herbs Her Quick Wit Attracts The Prince S Attention, And Their Shakespearean Style Banter Will Delight Readers Hamlet And Ophelia Secretly Become Husband And Wife, And On Their Wedding Night, The Ghost Of Hamlet S Father Appears At The Castle Horatio, At The Stroke Of Midnight, Barges Into The Newlyweds Bedroom Calling, To The Ramparts, Hamlet It Comes Readers Familiar With The Play Will Know That Hamlet S Feigned Madness To Seek Revenge Eventually Proves To Be His Undoing As Things Rage Out Of Control, Ophelia Fears For Her Own Safety My Life Is Worth No Than A Beast S Klein Smoothly Weaves In Lines From The Play And Keeps Her Characterizations True To The Playwright S, Even As She Rounds Out The Back Story Teens Need Not Be Familiar With Shakespeare S Original To Enjoy This Fresh Takewith The Added Romance And A Strong Heroine At Its Center Ages Up Nov Copyright Reed Business Information, A Division Of Reed Elsevier Inc All Rights ReservedBeyond The Maiden S Madness, Who Was Ophelia How Did She And Hamlet Fall In Love Who Would She Have Grown Up To Be If She Had Survived In Her Debut Novel, Klein, A Former English Professor, Imagines The Answers In This Powerful, Sophisticated Novel Narrated By Ophelia Klein Stays Close To The Original Plot, But Adds New Layers Of Meaning By Filling In Ophelia S Experiences From Her First Crush On Hamlet And Her Secret Marriage To Him As He Descends Into His Dangerous Melancholy To The Events Following Her Perceived Drowning The Elevated Language, Impressively Researched Historical Detail Including Lengthy Passages Of Herbal Lore , And Episodic Plot Demand Strong, Patient Readers, But A Familiarity With Shakespeare Isn T Necessary Readers Who Know The Play, However, Will Certainly Appreciate The Skillful, Smoothly Integrated References To The Original, And With A Deepened Connection To Ophelia, They Will Feel Fresh Outrage And Empathy When Reading Familiar Lines, Such As Hamlet Famous Nunnery Command But Even Teens Encountering The Characters For The First Time Will Be Swept Up By The Vivid, Atmospheric Setting, The Heart Pounding Romance, The Palpable Torment, And Ophelia S Fierce, Earnest Questions About How To Love, Survive Tragedy, And Reconcile The Insecure State Of Women, Who Must Always Abide The Earthly Authority Of Men Pair This With Lisa Fiedler S Lighthearted Dating Hamlet , And The Other Titles Listed In The Adjacent Read Alikes Column Gillian Engberg Copyright American Library Association All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Ophelia (Bloomsbury Educational Editions) (English Edition)

  1. K. Preuß K. Preuß says:

    Zugegeben es gibt viele, die versuchen den Gro meister Shakespeare zu berbieten und die es nie erreichen Dieses Buch ist anders In Hamlets Trag die spielt Ophelia nur eine kleine, bescheidene Rolle Man fragt sich aber hier schon, warum sich Hamlet in Ophelia verliebt hat, wenn sie nur ein dummes kleines M dchen ist Klein versucht eine Antwort darauf zu finden, sie stellt gekonnt die Rolle der Frau in der Fr hen Neuzeit dar Mit ihrer einf hlsamen Studie der Ophelia, erhebt sie diese zu einem ebenb rtigen Charakter an Hamlets Seite Da dies in Form von Tagebucheintragungen und Dialogen dargeboten wird, ist Ophelias tragische Geschichte nicht nur glaubhaft, sondern eine psychologische Studie einer jungen, intelligenten Frau, die in den Zw ngen der elisabethanischen Gesellschaft vor die Wahl gestellt wird ihre Liebe zu Prinz Hamlet zu opfern, oder ihr Leben daf r zu geben Lesenswert

  2. TeensReadToo TeensReadToo says:

    Gold Star Award Winner This book blew me away It is the re imagining of the story of Ophelia, from Shakespeare s play Hamlet In the play, Ophelia is in love with Hamlet and ends up committing suicide because of his treatment of her and because he killed her father Her character is a woman who is ruled by the thoughts and deeds of men It is their deeds and rules that affect her and bring about her demise In this story, Ophelia is a very strong character and we see the story of Hamlet through her eyes.She is the daughter of Polonius, a foolish man who courts favor of those in power She is motherless and her only other family is her brother, Laertes Her childhood, though, is very happy because she is a tomboy and is free to learn beside her brother She has a lot of freedom, which is rarely given to girls at this time Her father is given a job in the court of the King of Denmark, and she has to leave this idyllic time and enter into a drafty, gloomy place In fact, it is described as a prison and a place of intrigue and sadness.Within a few years she is brought to the attention of Queen Gertrude and is made into a lady of the court She also attracts the attention of Prince Hamlet She and the Prince fall in love and are secretly married The King s ghost appears on the night of their marriage, and Hamlet is obsessed with revenge Ophelia has to sail through court politics to secure her place and her sanity.Lisa Klein has interwoven lines from the play in the story and the main story stills stands, but by the end we know what happens to Ophelia There is a lot of philosophical musings in the story about a woman s place compared to a man s, what is sin, forgiveness, obedience and God s will in ones life.I think the story compelled me to see the play again and to have a happier vision of the character of Ophelia I strongly recommend this book and you don t have to know Hamlet to read it I do believe that to read this alongside the reading of Hamlet would be beneficial to the understandings and themes in this tragedy.Reviewed by Marta Morrison

  3. Kerstin Fischer Kerstin Fischer says:

    Ich habe wei Gott schon hunderte von B chern gelesen, und davon selten eines zweimal Doch ich muss gestehen, dass dieses Buch mich derartig beeindruckt und gefesselt hat, dass ich es schon dreimal gelesen habe und es wohl auch noch mehrere Male in naher Zukunft tun werde Es ist unbedingt lesenswert und auch f r weniger Englischbegabte geeignet Ich selbst bin erst 15 und habe das Buch mit 13 zum ersten Mal gelesen und nicht ein einziges Mal zum W rterbuch gegriffen Chapeau Auch wenn das Buch nat rlich nicht mit dem Original von Shakespeare zu vergleichen ist, wozu man eigentlich nichts sagen muss Viel Spa beim Lesen

  4. JM wynn JM wynn says:

    I couldn t put it down, so well done and entertaining Fantastic characters and the story flowed like water I loved the book and I will have to go to the movie when it is released in 2018

  5. Susan Merle McDonald Susan Merle McDonald says:

    I really enjoyed the satisfying resolution of the story of Ophelia and Hamlet I loved the work of the convent Ophelia did with the sisters It was appropriately reverent and miraculous.

  6. Bookishly Driven Bookishly Driven says:

    I loved the story The fact that Ophelia is than a dishrag or doormat for the other characters to use and abuse made me so happy Her character has always been somewhat of an afterthought, though an actress s dream role to be sure However, there were so many typos that at times I had to re read a paragraph or sentence to get the meaning based on the context I really did love the story though and that kept me going From start to finish this book was well written and the story and plot twists were all entertaining and involved the reader to the extent that I almost didn t mind the typos My mother always jokes that I m a frustrated proof reader so you can imagine how this drove me crazy.

  7. Pensive reader Pensive reader says:

    First I must say that klein s depiction of Ophelia is quite captivating This story ties in with the original so well, it s like Shakespeare himself knew all along what really happened to Ohelia but kept it secret until centuries later Ophelia is a character that is full of such raw human emotion, and that s really what drew me in However, about two thirds into the book, the storyline dragged on and was a little unrelated to the original story and somewhat strange I liked Klein s twist on Ophelia s story, but I felt it should have ended when Ophelia had succeeded in her escape I would have given this book five stars if it were not for the way the author carried out her conclusion.

  8. Angie Golish Angie Golish says:

    Ophelia was an interesting twist on the Hamlet story one of my favorites by Shakespeare and was told from Ophelia s perspective It was an interesting angle to see the story from, and carried on past where the play ends I enjoyed this twist on a historical classic I now want to find a lot stories written like this where they tell old stories over from a new perspective, I really enjoyed the plot twist