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NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE If you think you know Ophelia and Hamlets story, think again A spellbinding tale of love, murder, and revenge VOYA As ambitious and witty as she is beautiful, Ophelia is quick to catch the eye of the captivating prince Hamlet Their love blossoms in secret, but bloody deeds soon turn Denmark into a place of madness, and Ophelia may be forced to choose between her relationship and her own life In desperation, she devises a plan to escape from Elsinore Castle forever with one very dangerous secretOphelia takes center stage in this bold and thrilling reimagining of Shakespeares famous tragedy, the story of a young woman falling in love, searching for her place in the world, and finding the strength to survive

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  1. K. Preuß K. Preuß says:

    Zugegeben es gibt viele, die versuchen den Gro meister Shakespeare zu berbieten und die es nie erreichen Dieses Buch ist anders In Hamlets Trag die spielt Ophelia nur eine kleine, bescheidene Rolle Man fragt sich aber hier schon, warum sich Hamlet in Ophelia verliebt hat, wenn sie nur ein dummes kleines M dchen ist Klein versucht eine Antwort darauf zu finden, sie stellt gekonnt die Rolle der Frau in der Fr hen Neuzeit dar Mit ihrer einf hlsamen Studie der Ophelia, erhebt sie diese zu einem ebenb rtigen Charakter an Hamlets Seite Da dies in Form von Tagebucheintragungen und Dialogen dargeboten wird, ist Ophelias tragische Geschichte nicht nur glaubhaft, sondern eine psychologische Studie einer jungen, intelligenten Frau, die in den Zw ngen der elisabethanischen Gesellschaft vor die Wahl gestellt wird ihre Liebe zu Prinz Hamlet zu opfern, oder ihr Leben daf r zu geben Lesenswert

  2. TeensReadToo TeensReadToo says:

    Gold Star Award Winner This book blew me away It is the re imagining of the story of Ophelia, from Shakespeare s play Hamlet In the play, Ophelia is in love with Hamlet and ends up committing suicide because of his treatment of her and because he killed her father Her character is a woman who is ruled by the thoughts and deeds of men It is their deeds and rules that affect her and bring about her demise In this story, Ophelia is a very strong character and we see the story of Hamlet through her eyes.She is the daughter of Polonius, a foolish man who courts favor of those in power She is motherless and her only other family is her brother, Laertes Her childhood, though, is very happy because she is a tomboy and is free to learn beside her brother She has a lot of freedom, which is rarely given to girls at this time Her father is given a job in the court of the King of Denmark, and she has to leave this idyllic time and enter into a drafty, gloomy place In fact, it is described as a prison and a place of intrigue and sadness.Within a few years she is brought to the attention of Queen Gertrude and is made into a lady of the court She also attracts the attention of Prince Hamlet She and the Prince fall in love and are secretly married The King s ghost appears on the night of their marriage, and Hamlet is obsessed with revenge Ophelia has to sail through court politics to secure her place and her sanity.Lisa Klein has interwoven lines from the play in the story and the main story stills stands, but by the end we know what happens to Ophelia There is a lot of philosophical musings in the story about a woman s place compared to a man s, what is sin, forgiveness, obedience and God s will in ones life.I think the story compelled me to see the play again and to have a happier vision of the character of Ophelia I strongly recommend this book and you don t have to know Hamlet to read it I do believe that to read this alongside the reading of Hamlet would be beneficial to the understandings and themes in this tragedy.Reviewed by Marta Morrison

  3. K. Fischer K. Fischer says:

    Ich habe wei Gott schon hunderte von B chern gelesen, und davon selten eines zweimal Doch ich muss gestehen, dass dieses Buch mich derartig beeindruckt und gefesselt hat, dass ich es schon dreimal gelesen habe und es wohl auch noch mehrere Male in naher Zukunft tun werde Es ist unbedingt lesenswert und auch f r weniger Englischbegabte geeignet Ich selbst bin erst 15 und habe das Buch mit 13 zum ersten Mal gelesen und nicht ein einziges Mal zum W rterbuch gegriffen Chapeau Auch wenn das Buch nat rlich nicht mit dem Original von Shakespeare zu vergleichen ist, wozu man eigentlich nichts sagen muss Viel Spa beim Lesen

  4. Beth Roads Beth Roads says:

    The idea of giving Shakespeare s Ophelia a back story is an interesting one, but unfortunately Klein did not really succeed and what the reader is treated to in this novel is teen chic lit As a genre that is perfectly valid but not what I was expecting from this novel, which could have been so much better The novel is structured into three sections, Opheila s life before Hamlet, her life during the life of the play and her life after Hamlet Of course if you know Shakespeare s play then there was no life after the play and to write here would be a plot spoiler Suffice to say this is not a novel for anyone who loves Shakespeare Is it a novel to encourage the reader to try Shakespeare no My advice would be, go and see a Shakespeare production and leave this novel on the shelf.

  5. Debby Corlett Debby Corlett says:

    The story is ok, however I bought this on kindle and the quality of spelling is atrocious It took me a few weeks to get round to reading after I bought it, and therefore I couldn t return for a refund, but the worst kindle book I have read in terms of spelling and grammar, I am sure I would have enjoyed the story if it wasn t for this.

  6. Genevieve Monaghan Genevieve Monaghan says:

    I really enjoyed this book I bought it because the trailer for the film adaption looked so good and I wasn t disappointed It puts an interesting twist on Ophelia s death and it definitely worth a read.

  7. F. Williams F. Williams says:

    Interesting viewpoint

  8. Hmarie Hmarie says:

    I am always yearning to find a new shakespeare adapted novel and this did not let me down it was based around the life of Ophelia Hamlets beloved It is gripping, and the bitter sweet love story gave me the perfect holiday read Absolutely Brilliant .

  9. Brida Brida says:

    This is a beautiful re telling of Shakespeare s Hamlet, through the eyes of Ophelia, the girl who resorted to drowning herself upon his rejection As another reviewer says, in the play, Ophelia is a young woman who is very much a pawn to others, here Klein writes a version of the famous play in which Ophelia is quite different Without giving anything away, in this book, Ophelia is vivacious and very intelligent, almost shrewd Rather than committing suicide when Hamlet publically rejects her, Klein offers an alternative interpretation.What I loved about this book is that, depsite the hundreds of years that seperate Shakespeare and Klein, Klein has been able to create the feeling of that time perfectly The imagery she uses, and the language of her characters are spot on It is like reading Shakespeare, but not in iambic pentameter.The characters are very well developed also They were all believeable, making you truly care about them The story of Ophelia and her love for Hamlet completely caught me up I wanted to read on to see what was going to become of her.What I also loved about the book is that you do not need to know the story of Hamlet in order to read and enjoy this work The last time I read Hamlet was while I was studying it for A Level English Literature, nearly 10 years ago Reading Klein s book, it made memories of the original come back to me, but even if I had not read it as a main text at school, I would have been able to follow Klein s story.I think one of the biggest achievements she has made with this book is how she has managed to examine the concept of madness a key idea within the original play As you watch Hamlet descend into madness after the death of his father, Ophelia struggles to comprehend if he really is mad or whether he is just putting on a scene for others Then, as this novel progresses and Ophelia finds herself in a convent, again she is confronted with an individual who could either be classed as mad or experiencing something divine and mystical Obsession and madness tread a very thin line and the detail in Klein s writing is just brilliant Even us, as bystanders, cannot easily make a judgement.This is a fantastic book It was classed as fiction for young adults, but I think it would be suited to readers much older The writing is intelligent, inspired and insightful This is a piece of work that the author should be very proud of I am eager to see what she will offer us next.

  10. Maureen OHare Maureen OHare says:

    Book arrived as promised in excellent condition But not my personal preference for reading I don t particularly care for an author s slant on a classic.

  11. Jay Jay says:

    Read this book in one sitting and I found it even better the second time Would definitely recommend, excellent read Was delivered fast, will buy again.