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After nine months in prison, Patrick Pennington returns to pick up the pieces of his musical career and his relationship with his girlfriend Ruth But hes faced with an unexpected emotional crisis Ruth is pregnant, and hes about to become a father

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  1. Lindsey T Lindsey T says:

    What happens next You can t leave the story there I want to know what happens to Pat one of the best anti heroes and the saintly Ruth.


    Another wonderful book in the Patrick Pennington series The first one, Pennington s Last Term, a.k.a Pennington s Seventeenth Summer, was told from the point of view of Pat He was called Penn in that book The second book, The Beethoven Medal, was told from the point of view of Ruth, the teenage girl who falls in love with him This book was told from the point of view of them both, it switches back and forth In the first book, Pat was a surly teen He was also a loyal friend, and a boy who was doing his best to survive growing up in a brutal environment In the second book,he had at last embraced his musical gift and was working hard with the Professor who had taken him under his wing, but he still had self destructive tendencies getting in the way of his success It was also in the second book that he met Ruth, a quiet, mild mannered girl on the outside, but at her core, passionate and strong willed At the end of The Beethoven Medal, Pat was headed to prison for assaulting a cop At the beginning of this book, Pat was getting out, after nine months His first night out, Pat and Ruth have sex Both of them believe the myth that you can t get pregnant the first time It s Ruth s first time, not Pat s But Ruth does get pregnant They get married, and struggle financially Pat does his best to line up playing gigs, and to work other jobs in the meantime There is a lot of anxiety about affording the basics But they find an unusual room to rent, in a bohemian like atmosphere The room has a piano, a good one, so they are thrilled to find it Like the other two books, this book is a drama, but there is a lot of humor Pat is obsessive about his music, practicing the piano for hours a day, along with working as a chauffeur Ruth realizes as the book goes on that her life will not be an easy one Pat is very moody, and she comes to realize that her role will be to support him through those moods, and to reassure him when he starts to doubt himself Ruth is still only a teenager when she marries Pat and becomes a mother She loves him totally, to the point she is willing to sacrifice so much of herself in order for him to realize his potential and become a great pianist What Ruth really wants is for Pat to be happy She isn t with him for the promise of money and fame to come Being able to give amazing performances is Pat s goal, and if that s what will make Pat happy, Ruth will do all she can to be as supportive as possible Pat can be self centered, but he really does love Ruth There is a crisis towards the end of the book that they have to deal with, but the novel ends on a satisfying note This book is considered to be a YA novel, I think, because the characters are so young But this series of books are among the best I ve ever read There is only one to go, Marion s Angels I wish there were

  3. Bruce Pennington Bruce Pennington says:

    very pleased