Free eBook Performance Measurement and Management for Engineers (English Edition)Author Michela Arnaboldi –

This book has been of great help, because of the way it was taught at class.Other than that, this book is flawed Some topics are explained in depth, others are just hastily talked about, although they are of similar importance There are various typos and overall it lacks a good structure.Wait for edition 2. Performance Measurement and Management for Engineersintroduces key concepts in finance, accounting, and management to project managers who have engineering backgrounds It focuses these basic concepts on issues of measuring and managing enterprise value Thus, after defining enterprise value, the book begins by explaining the ways and means of measurement It then takes up financial measurement, describing and analyzing the typologies of financial indicators while illustrating their advantages and disadvantages After focusing on measuring enterprise value, the second section takes up managing that value Like the first, it pursues a double view using indicators for internal control while employing them to analyze other companies If engineering project managers possess a source of quantitative and qualitative information about business management, Performance Measurement and Management for Engineers will help them increase their contributions to the businessExplains how main performance indicators are related to the value of the companyReveals how to assess the financial needs of companies in relation to their financial goals and mechanisms eg equity, debt, and hybrid Describes key information and indicators for assessing the ability of enterprises to create value across timeIndicates the profitability sources of different business units