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With queen bees, drama queens and cliquey teens girl friendships can be tough Teen Life Confidential is here to help with this guide for teenagers looking for help surviving the friendship game Hanging out with your best friends can be awesome, but what happens when things go wrong Queen Bees, Drama Queens and Cliquey Teens answers your friendship problems and questions and gives advice on everything from how to cope with the bullies and mean girls at school, to how to be a better friend yourself Written by experienced author Anita Naik, this title explores all aspects of teenage girl friendships and the problems that surround them We look at what being popular means, the downsides of friendships and what to do when things go wrong Includes anways to empower yourself guide Self esteem and self confidence are vital when coping with girl friendships and girl bullying, so we ve giventhings that the reader can do every day to improve their confidence and build their self esteem Each section is accompanied by quotes from real teenagers to give examples of real life problems that teenagers experience every day We also feature quizzes to help you to assess your own behaviour and work out what your friendship style is Anita Naik is an author, columnist, blogger and journalist She started her career as advice columnist on the teen magazine Just , and is now the agony aunt at Teen Now magazine and Avon Connects She is also a regular contributor to the parenting technology site Quibly http quib and writes regularly on the subjects of teens, tech, parenting, education and social media, across various media platforms and magazines Kidscape is the first charity in the UK