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We owe Jane Scovell a debt of gratitude for undertaking Samuel Ramey American Bass There is no doubt that Ramey is one of the principal singers of our day, and Scovell has performed an estimable job of research and writing.This writer will never forget witnessing the final performance of the run of the series of Rinaldo, at the Metropolitan, Ramey s 1984 debut at that theatre First, the production, by Frank Corsaro, was marvellous, and the rest of the cast was peopled by the likes of Marilyn Horne, John Alexander, Benita Valente, and Edda Moser We were all stunned at Ramey s entrance, made atop a chariot, singing with an agility that belied his big, glorious voice.As the author of Strange Child of Chaos Norman Treigle 2006 , I was particularly interested in the sections of the book regarding the artist who was such a great influence on Ramey And I was particularly gratified that my work was acknowledged by Scovell And what a contrast between Treigle and Ramey The former was dark, flamboyant, self destructive too much drink, tobacco, pills, gambling, and women , and impossible a figure from Southern Gothic literature The latter is healthy, normal, and easy going a real boy from the mid West.But it was Ramey who went the distance, with a career in all the world s great theatres, dozens of recordings, and a happy private life But the element that lifted the excellent to the profound was missing in Ramey, and was present in Treigle That atmosphere of impending doom, of epic tragedy, of inescapable catastrophe, that Treigle emanated was inimitable For this writer, this sense of exaltation has only been present, in our day, in two male singers, Treigle and Jon Vickers One can name several women who had have this quality, but for some reason it is even rarer in men Listen to the extant recordings of Treigle and Ramey in Mefistofele and in excerpts from Faust, and one can hear the difference Ramey s voice is unquestionably magnificent, but it was Treigle who gave people nightmares As Scovell remarks so well, Treigle, who, if not the most tragic figure in American opera, is a strong contender for that sad title The book s only flaw is that Scovell s proof reader failed her More than a dozen names of singers are misspelled, as well as that of the opera, Susannah Also, the correct date of the New York City Opera s first Giulio Cesare is 1966, and that of their first Mefistofele is 1969.Ramey declares in these pages that the operatic character he regards as closest to his own personality is Mozart s Figaro, an affable, fun loving guy One could hardly imagine Treigle saying the same Surely, he was closest in personality to the Reverend Olin Blitch in Susannah, who is tortured by guilt, what with the juxtaposition of his high moral standards to his degraded reality In the best existing film of Treigle, we see him in the Revival Scene from that opera, in 1958 Blitch looks like he is being flayed alive, projecting, even through the old kinescope, an almost inhuman intensity. Liked the book I had already ordered and read a biography of Sam written in French The recording at the back of the book was defective Many of the songs supposed to be there were empty Samuel Ramey was one of the greatest basses in recent times I had the privilege to hear him many times in the theater NYCO , the MET and PARIS This book gives us a glimpse of this great artist You wind up really liking him and respecting him for all the hard work he did to active his greatness It is also enlightening to read about his struggles particularly with the MET and realize not everything was handed to him even after he achieved fame The book is supposed to come with a CD My copy did not but that did not diminish the enjoyment I had reading the book. As a longtime fan of Sam Ramey, I thoroughly enjoyed this book which contains liberal quotes from the singer and many others who had a major impact on his career, such as his agents, wives and fellow singers like Marilyn Horne Although not written by Ramey, the author quotes from these sources, sometimes for pages on end, in a well edited narrative It was especially fun to read about productions I had seen, or even performances I had attended The book comes with a CD of his most famous renditions, and although I had heard most selections before it was delightful to renew acquaintance with this unique voice If you re a Ramey fan, highly recommended If not, this will probably turn you in to one. Um einen Blick ins Buch zu werfen, ist es notwendig, JavaScript in Ihrem Browser zu aktivieren N here Hinweise