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Sometimes, even in the middle of ugliness and neglect, a little bit of beauty will bloom Award winning writer Paul Fleischman dazzles us with this truth in Seedfolks a slim novel that bursts with hope Wasting not a single word, Fleischman unfolds a story of a blighted neighborhood transformed when a young girl plants a few lima beans in an abandoned lot Slowly, one by one, neighbors are touched and stirred to action as they see tendrils poke through the dirt Hispanics, Haitians, Koreans, young, and old begin to turn the littered lot into a garden for the whole community A gift for hearts of all ages, this gentle, timeless story will delight anyone in need of a sprig of inspirationGradeUp Paul Fleischman creates a heartwarming story by weaving together a series of short vignettes about a vacant lot turned community garden Set in a rundown section of Cleveland, Ohio, Fleischman s Seedfolks HarperCollins,are a broad cross section of ages, ethnic origins, and occupations What unites all of these characters is the way they are changed by the simple act of growing vegetables or flowers From the Vietnamese girl seeking a connection with the father who died before she was born to the elderly wheelchair bound man who reconnects with the world, each character is unique This audiobook capitalizes on the diversity of the characters by using a large cast of narrators drawn from around the world Though listeners may find some narrators difficult to understand, the richness of the variety of voices adds authenticity to the recording Cassettes include chapter listings, and the sound quality is good Seedfolks is a nice addition to audio collections where Fleischman s work is popular, and worthy of inclusion in libraries serving ethnically diverse communitiesBarbara Wysocki, Cora J Belden Library Rocky Hill, CTCopyrightReed Business Information, Inc