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Can I ship myself with this book I love this book so much I literally can t even Mackenzi Lee, New York Times bestselling author of A Gentleman s Guide to Vice and VirtueClaire is a sixteen year old fangirl obsessed with the show Demon Heart Forest is an actor on Demon Heart who dreams of bigger roles When the two meet at a local Comic Con panel, it s a dream come true for Claire Until the Q A, that is, when Forest laughs off Claire s assertion that his character is gay Claire is devastated After all, every last word of her super popular fanfic revolves around the romance between Forest s character and his male frenemy She can t believe her hero turned out to be a closed minded jerk Forest is mostly confused that anyone would think his character is gay Because he s not Definitely notUnfortunately for Demon Heart, when the video of the disastrous Q A goes viral, the producers have a PR nightmare on their hands In order to help bolster their image within the LGBTQ community as well as with their fans they hire Claire to join the cast for the rest of their publicity tour What ensues is a series of colorful Comic Con clashes between the fans and the show that lead Forest to question his assumptions about sexuality and help Claire come out of her shell But how far will Claire go to make her ship canon To what lengths will Forest go to stop her and protect his career And will Claire ever get the guts to make a move on Tess, the very cute, extremely cool fanartist she keeps running into

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  1. V. V. says:

    When I first started reading this book, I put it down again because I m not enough of a fangirl to get into the emotions of a fictional fandom.Or so I thought, until I luckily picked it back up.Sadly, this book still does that thing where the protagonist thinks they can determine someone s gender by just looking at them but it does acknowledge there are than two genders, racism is a thing that white people literally can not fully understand , different kinds of attraction are real, and, y know, figuring out your own queer identity is CONFUSING as shit.I ve outgrown my lonely highschool time a while ago and also I ve been out for a while, but this book still had me crying shamelessly on the train.If you want a book that feels just so REAL because it s full of queerness and social insecurity and also modern technology like Tumblr and Netflix, this is a good go to.

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    I wanted to like this book SO BADLY As someone who has been active in different fandoms to an obsession point for years it was seemed like it would be near and dear to my heart.However, this book is just full of cringe worthy moments and I couldn t even bring myself to finish it Claire s reaction to everything in the first twenty some chapters I managed to get through is very my opinion is the RIGHT opinion, therefore you re all wrong if you don t agree and I ll make sure everyone knows it and trying to force her ideas of WHY she s right onto everyone This is not a good behaviour to idolize One Direction fandom Larries, anyone Her character is very much like a Mary Sue from fan fictions, in which she can do no wrong To sum it up I d honestly rather re read Twilight or something else that s slightly less problematic.On the plus side, the writing is well done and easy to follow if that could be considered a plus, considering the content isn t that great to be following in the first place.

  3. Nichole David Nichole David says:

    I loved this book on so many levels.I loved it as a person who loves fandom The love and care with which Britta approaches fandom is rare and special She knows the good and bad of fandom and she does an excellent job of bringing that to life.I loved it as the mother of a queer teenager Knowing there is a book out there with such sweet, relatable, confused, queer narrator is a gift.I loved it as the mother of a child that loves fandom My daughter and I both read this book and squeed over it together It s unusual, in my experience, to be able to share a book with my teenager meets us both at an intersection of interests While my daughter was reading it I got constant updates on the state of her feels While I was reading, she would grill me on which parts I had reached It was such a fun bonding experience.Finally, I loved it as someone who enjoys watching talented, creative women succeed I m excited to watch all the places Britta goes in the future

  4. Holly Quinn Holly Quinn says:

    This is a fun book about the ups a downs of fandom part cautionary tale, part romance, part celebration of fangirl culture even though sometimes it goes too far One thing I love about it is that Britta Lundin really knows her stuff on both sides of the aisle and manages to make almost everyone sympathetic There are different points of view, not just the obvious fangirl vs actor, but also different views on each side.Although there is definite drama like, major drama the Demon Heart fandom is an idealized one There are no ship wars, no racism that we see among the fandom the central ship is IR brown Latino and white and the entire fandom loves it, which is honestly fantasy , and, without spoiling too much, the ship isn t entirely in the girls heads.It s also fun because you, the reader, start shipping the protagonist, Claire who hasn t figured out her sexuality yet , small town white fangirl, and Tess, a slightly down to earth pansexual fangirl who is the personification of Black girl magic As a Black fan myself, I appreciated the representation, and the fact that Tess brought up fandom issues that Claire who doesn t have an overtly racist bone in her body had never considered, like the lack of Black representation on her favorite show.I thought about giving it 4 stars for being soft on the fandom racism issue, but you know what It s a kind of fantasy, and I couldn t put it down.

  5. Elizabeth Collins Elizabeth Collins says:

    When I was a teen like Clare, I was deeply ashamed of my love of fan fiction When I was older, I started watching a show called Teen Wolf Teen Wolf fandom was a wild ride, mostly centered around trying to convince the showrunner that two of his main male characters should kiss Needless to say, I related to this book with every single part of my heart.This novel is a story told with the tenderness that only comes from knowing Britta clearly has two hands in fandom, and her story is crafted from a caring and empathetic standpoint She s not writing about something she finds interesting from the outside in Her fandom details rang so, so true for me.This story has such a richness, both in detail and plot, but most importantly emotion Our hero, Clare, is certainly on a journey of her own, and it s so incredible to watch her grow Plus, the ending was amazing This book will spend a very long time in my heart.

  6. rachel rachel says:

    I have never related so deeply with a story before This is fandom This is us This is a whole culture It is so validating to see it on the shelf like we re real, we exist, cuz WE ARE AND WE DO it is such a sweet story It made me tear up and I didn t even cry during Infinity War, ok And this book had me clutching my chest, gasping, laughing and whimpering like a baby Because it is EXACTLY what we as fangirls go through And it s amazing This story takes you through the freaking TRENCHES It has all of it The mess of fandom and internet life, the very real life consequences, and the INCREDIBLE, completely unique reward of a weird kinda family you can find through it Which makes it all worth it in the end Just like this story Such important subjects get brought to light in the midst of it, too Cuz it s all connected And i love how smoothly this author laces it all together seemlessly It s relevant and in no way candy coated It just dives right into this extremely intimate, almost secret part of us and lays it all out, unashamed There is so much to gain from reading this And like a true fangirl, I m blabbering I am definitely a fan.

  7. tcern tcern says:

    This is a story from such a fresh perspective that I found myself rooting for this at times hardheaded teenager, even when I knew she d crossed a line or was probably wrong I just wanted to see her succeed because here was a story that tackled everything about being a nerdy teenage girl that literally no other story had ever told The book isn t only about fandom and fanfiction though that s a big part of it, and even if you know nothing about that world, if you re willing to learn, the book is than happy to teach you it s about endearing characters learning to look beyond themselves, their own perspectives, and their own ideas about how the world works It s about discovering and accepting the reality that sexuality is a messy thing that has no definitive answers or a how to manual and that s okay It s about owning yourself, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin It s about embracing who you are, and not being ashamed of the things and people that you love.Overall, I highly recommend this if you re looking for an interesting YA novel that adds a fresh perspective, or if you have a teenager who could relate to the topics of fandom, fanfiction, or questioning their sexuality.

  8. Chelsea Curto Chelsea Curto says:

    This book is adorable and I couldn t put it down It s clear that the author has an active Tumblr account where she posts fanfic and reblogs gifsets of her favourite OTPs her empathy for the teenage members of the fictional SmokeHeart fandom is clearly borne of experience Equally as realistic is her portrayal of the actors, showrunner, and publicity team that make up the Hollywood contingent of the novel s television show s production team.I really like this novel s queer teenager coming of age subplot, and the fact that it is truly sub and not the main arc of the novel The characterizations are sharp and the dialogue sparkles The plot is engaging and the book really is un put downable The only thing I didn t like and the reason my review isn t five stars was a forced analogy between the main character s coming out tale and her love interest s reluctance to admit to friends that she is a fandom nerd It felt inauthentic and clunky, especially compared to the zippy main plot that I think would have communicated the same theme in a organic way.Still, a lovely story and a great read that still has me smiling a few days after having finished Highly recommended

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book is funny In places, it s touching Sometimes it made me want to cringe in sympathetic embarrassment In fan terms it gave me ALL the feels.The author writes for one of the current popular shows on the CW, so she knows her Hollywood But I wasn t at all surprised that she wrote fanfic and had a real sense of community in various fandoms I hope people outside the fan world read this and get a better understanding of our communities.But most of all, the book is fun.

  10. SJ SJ says:

    this book was such a freakin delight i meant to savor it slowly over the course of several lunch breaks because it was so much fun to read and would be a total escape reset from work life, but i accidentally devoured it in two days instead a fantastic encapsulation of both fan culture and the industry production side of the shows we fan over it s like, a very accurate but realistic but respectful of all sides story about the tensions between producers, actors, and fans all wanting different things from the show, and who gets to decide demand what also claire is a great protagonist, again totally accurate teenage mix of total confidence in some areas and absolute confusion insecurity in others i also loved her mom, and caty the social media PR person and i loved the fic chapters uuuugh i just loved everything i m definitely going to re read this book.

  11. Tenoko1 Tenoko1 says:

    This is a great book that addresses the issue with representation in media, boh from the fans desperate request for representation and struggling to make themselves understood, as well as from the POV of the actor and how they struggle to understand fan culture and perspective, and the conflict that can rise from that All characters are multi layered and flawed and make mistakes they need to learn and grow from They get frustrated and angry and lash out, they recognize when they re in the wrong and apologize and attempt to repair things, they LEARN I really very much appreciate this book It feels like an epic callout post I loved it.

  12. Dan D. Duling Dan D. Duling says:

    Television writer Britta Lundin knows her YA audience, but she s written a first novel that s a fun, engaging and warmly human tale for anyone who s ever been curious about the worlds of Comic Con and fan fiction There is so much to like about this book, from the all too human characters to the vivid and funny depictions of life on the road from one Comic Con to the next both as a fan and as an insider offering knowing glimpses behind the scenes I look forward to reading Lundin s next book, reportedly a follow up to this delightful debut.

  13. Cassie Keet Cassie Keet says:

    I finished this book in one sitting Absolutely devoured it, from cover to cover Britta has written the book that fandom didn t even realize it was missing I identified with pretty much every damn thing in this book, and found her dual points of view Claire and Forest very evenly balanced I m so glad this book exists for the young nerds who are trying to figure themselves out I wish it had existed when I was a teen, locked in my bedroom RPing as Willow in my Buffy the Vampire Slayer AIM group chat.5 5.

  14. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This is a beautiful book I smiled the whole time It felt like going to my first sdcc and meeting my people all over again It gently, respectfully talked about all the highs and lows of being in a fandom and discovering yourself doing it Really, it s just fan fiction about what the world should be like The characters are lovely and believable They have problems they work through and by reading this, I realized that it s ok if you don t have yourself figured out There s time to change and that s okay I m being ludicrously vague but I just hate spoilers and like going into things blind and maybe you do to Writing on a kindle keyboard is hard.

  15. DW DW says:

    Outstanding book All the characters are so real and recognizable relatable, with normal human good qualities and a little bit of the less good as well It truly has all the feels, tells pure fandom truth and shows believable, touching multiple character growth arcs I smiled, laughed, cringed, and cried And bookmarked Get this book, you won t regret it.