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The book presents an introduction to statistical methods for students majoring in social science disciplines No previous knowledge of statistics is assumed, and mathematical background is assumed to be minimal lowest level high school algebra The book contains sufficient material for a two semester sequence of courses Such sequences are commonly required of social science graduate students in sociology, political science, and psychology Students in geography, anthropology, journalism, and speech also are sometimes required to take at least one statistics course Datasets and other resources where applicable for this book are available here

15 thoughts on “Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences

  1. CMN CMN says:

    I m not impressed I purchased this as a text for a graduate psych stats course For one, the book uses a lot of terminology which may be standard in other social sciences, but is way off the norm in psychology Also, many topics are glossed over which could offer much understanding to the student such as degrees of freedom There are other, much readable and logically laid out texts on the market I would not recommend for anyone with a choice Faculty, take note

  2. Customer Customer says:

    This book is poorly written, redundant and repetitive to the point of inaccessibility, and poorly made the paper is very thin and any marking with pen will bleed.

  3. Maureen Cage Maureen Cage says:

    Very Pleaseed

  4. Ms. M. A. Owoyemi Ms. M. A. Owoyemi says:


  5. Liss Hansen Liss Hansen says:

    The book took some time to arrive Otherwise I m very pleesed with teh deal

  6. Juno Juno says:

    I ordered a Like a New book, but the shipped one is a quite old one that I can easily see in public library best book corner Vertexes and Edges are torn They are not that much severe, but do other like a new books have them , and there are than 20 pages pencil memos and highlighings in the book The most thing that made me feel grateful was that the previous user didn t love to use pen, and was excellent in handwriting and highlighting.However, despite all disappointment above, the shipment done in perfect schedule.

  7. A. Luque A. Luque says:

    Well the text is pretty straightforward It markets itself particularly to the social sciences, but in reality it is nothing than an introductory statistics text Nonetheless, it is very clearly written and covers most of the basics you need to do any kind of research multiple regressions, ANOVA, basic t,z, and F tests, etc This is by no means a theoretical textbook if you want to learn about distribution theory and the proofs behind the tests look elsewhere If you want a quick introduction and reference to the different methods and tests with all the assumptions and potential pitfalls then this text is perfect.

  8. DragonMama DragonMama says:

    the description is OK, but unfortunately they annoyingly have the chapter sub subsections and examples all in one line, and their way of numbering sections and examples makes it much harder to quickly visibly scan through and find the specific example the professor is discussing in class i.e for chapter 5, you have subsection 5.1 which may contain examples 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3, then subsection 5.2 would have examples 5.4 and 5.5 etc, instead of logically numbering them as subsection 5.1 example 5.1a, 5.1b, 5.1c, etc This meant I was scrambling many times to get to the section the professor was actually discussing after accidentally winding up in the example instead of subsection on those small classroom desks that are already too small for just my laptop, this was extremely annoying The formatting is also problematic for me as a dyslexic in several ways The information presented once you get to it is reasonably well written but not so outstandingly better done than other textbooks that were formatted logically to raise the rating I would give this textbook a 2 star for the formatting issues alone, the quality of the actual instruction earned it an additional star from me.

  9. bmoon bmoon says:

    I needed this book for HW assignments for a class I am taking Although it may be to make the material digestible, I have to say the book does a poor job of explaining concepts and makes it confusing without prior knowledge Also a lot of the exercises are vague and odd imo.

  10. Michael Russel Michael Russel says:

    Great product

  11. Ricardo Lozano Ricardo Lozano says:

    This is the text book that we have in my doctoral program at the University It is very good If combined with the SPSS application guide, it provides great guideline for Statistics at post graduate level.

  12. JaL JaL says:

    This book was required in a graduate level statistics course I found its organization to be convoluted the author makes multiple points that will be addressed later in the book, which is frustrating It is not easy to find information on the pages that are indexed in the back, and sometimes the homework problems don t appear to match anything covered in the chapters The writing is dense and hard to follow I loved my statistics courses at the undergrad level, but this book seems to be geared toward quant majors, and is not easily accessible by the rest of us.

  13. PoliSciGrad PoliSciGrad says:

    This book has solid formulae, butSome of the exercises weren t checked for validity.I wasted an hour when a prediction equation contained a negative coefficient,when it in fact should have been positive I hate when this happens, because students oftenAssume that these things are adequately proofread and mathematically sound.For the amount students are charged for academic texts such as these, this is simply unacceptable.Also, some of the terminology in the exercises deviates from that covered in the chapters.Eg strength in association suddenly becomes magnitude You eventually infer these relationships, butWhen you re in the middle of trying to complete your homework and your constantly cycling back to the chapter in order toVerify the correct processes needed to complete the problem, the last thing you need is to have an author suddenlyDeviate from the standard pardon the pun terminology I understand that these books take a lot of time and energy to produce, hence the significant cost, but my time is valuable as well and given this, the overall cost is not worth it for this book.

  14. JT Zoll JT Zoll says:

    The book is way to expensive I am satisfied, though, because it was essential for my course and had a necessary option of extending the rental for 15 days for 10 Considering I would have to pay 155 to buy the book, the lease totalling 45 was worth it.

  15. Renee Renee says:

    Perfect condition, purchased for stats class.