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If you or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts, then this book is for you Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle deviceDoes life not seem worth living any Have you reached the limit of what you think you can handle Are you constantly overcome by sadness and feelings of despair Are you looking for a way out For those who are plagued by a constant feeling of depression, it may seem that the only way to find relief from the overwhelming despair and extreme stressors is to commit suicide Although you may think that taking your own life is the only answer to your problems even though it may be hard to believe at the time there are other options Use this ebook as a guide to finding a different path instead Or if you need to talk to someone immediately, please call or nowHere Is A Preview Of What You ll LearnRecognize the Warning SignsIdentify the Suicide Risk FactorsPreventing SuicideClimbing Out of the DarknessCreating a Safety PlanStress Reduction for a Healthier YouMuch, much Download your copy today Tags suicide, i want to commit suicide, suicidal, how to stop suicidal thoughts, suicide thoughts, suicide prevention, suicidal thoughts, suicidal tendencies, thoughts of suicide, how to kill yourself, how to commit suicide, i want to kill myself, painless suicide

8 thoughts on “Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies: How to Move Past Thoughts of Suicide and Start to Appreciate Life Again (English Edition)

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    This is a great book for anyone that has ever thought about suicide or knows anyone at risk of committing suicide Examples include most high stress jobs and military veterans I recommend everyone that is affiliated with anyone in those positions be aware of the risk factors of suicide that are mentioned in this book In the past year where I work, law enforcement, there have been six suicides by law enforcement officers Suicide is real, and it effects those you love most It can happen to anyone, and often by those who you would least expect Please call 1 800 suicide if you feel like hurting yourself, there are people there to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  2. Nick Erlingston Nick Erlingston says:

    I m not surprised if I m seeing almost all 5 star reviews for this book in fact I will also be adding to it This has been an eye opener to me This has made me aware of the people around me, especially those close to me, as people with suicidal tendencies tend to be very quiet when they are already having thoughts of it Suicide is very real in fact one of my classmates back in college committed one, and I thought it could ve been prevented if someone was able to tell the behavior This book will help you identify that, and could be a life saver.

  3. David Brazos David Brazos says:

    Very deep insights into the suicide mentality I have struggled a time or two in my life and will admit that the fleeting thought of how things would be without me around aka Its a Wonderful Life If you have ever been in a similar boat, even for a moment, you should take some time to get in touch with those thoughts Great book.

  4. Cathy Wilson Cathy Wilson says:

    Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies is a short straightforward guide to help you recognize symptoms of suicide and get help I like the fact the author has direct numbers throughout to contact for help It s important people suffering from these serious thoughts sees there is help.A guide I truly believe everyone should read BRAVO

  5. Billy Welsh Billy Welsh says:

    very good book

  6. John Sapinski John Sapinski says:

    A short and overpriced pamphlet that has about as much useful information as a free online article.

  7. D A Wendland D A Wendland says:

    It was a great deal of help It helped me to think clearly about what was happenind in my lufe and what I could do to change my current actions and gwt a much better positive response in my current situation and my life in general.

  8. Eadie McMahoh Eadie McMahoh says:

    This was a good read Very informative Could be very helpful in you have a loved one in need Would recommend.