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Of The World S Most Influential Contemporary Artists Discuss The Art That Inspires Them In This Lavishly Packaged And Designed Book The Artist Project Is The Latest Step Among The Met S Recent Strides To Better Integrate Contemporary Art Into Its Historical Pantheon Art News Artists Have Long Been Stimulated And Motivated By The Work Of Those Who Came Before Them Sometimes, Centuries Before Them Interviews With International Contemporary Artists Discussing Works From The Metropolitan Museum Of Art S Collection That Spark Their Imagination Shed New Light On Art Making, Museums, And The Creative Process Images Of The Artworks Appear Alongside Images Of The Contemporary Artists Work, Allowing Readers To Discover A Rich Web Of Visual Connections That Spans Cultures And Millennia

5 thoughts on “The Artist Project (Arte)

  1. jordiw jordiw says:

    This is a great book that has to be taken in small bites Artists talk about a piece of art and the setup allows you to see the art they are talking about and also a representative piece of their art The you read and look the complex the interaction becomes I can only read 2 or 3 at a time then I have to stop and let it all sink in and ponder them for a while Being able to see what the artist chooses to talk about and also see their art is a great format In this book there are so many examples it is impossible not to learn something interesting about the eye of the artist.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    fascinating book

  3. Dirk Park Dirk Park says:

    Gender balanced

  4. nimamay518 nimamay518 says:

    so impactful I can only get through one or two pages at a time