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The Color Purple is a classic With over a million copies sold in the UK alone, it is hailed as one of the all time greats of literature, inspiring generations of readers.Set in the deep American South between the wars, it is the tale of Celie, a young black girl born into poverty and segregation Raped repeatedly by the man she calls father , she has two children taken away from her, is separated from her beloved sister Nettie and is trapped into an ugly marriage But then she meets the glamorous Shug Avery, singer and magic maker a woman who has taken charge of her own destiny Gradually, Celie discovers the power and joy of her own spirit, freeing her from her past and reuniting her with those she loves. A Masterpiece I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don t notice it Alice Walker, The Color PurpleFrom the time I first read this book I have read this many times , it has been a favorite Walker has brought to life the story of two sisters one a missionary in Africa and one a young abuse wife living in the south Even though there is distance between them, there is great love, great devotion and great compassion This book spans years as we see their lives.Celie writes letters to God and her sister She has been abused most of her life First by her very father who abused and raped her and gave away her their babies Then she is given to a man who who abuses her This is not an easy book to read It is sad and heartbreaking at times There is rape, abuse, sexism, etc There is also hope, strength, resilience, love and yes, happiness.Celie finally finds herself after being introduced to a couple of strong women She eventually finds her inner voice and is able to find her self and her strength But the path to getting there is long and full of obstacles some of which are inside Celie Through her path of finding her inner voice, she finally fells what it is like to love and be loved To find a sense of belonging To find God To have the capacity to forgive To hold onto hope and to hold it close and cherish it In this character with see the triumph of the human spirit Against the odds, she is able to be strong Walker s writing is haunting, powerful and beautiful I love his dear eyes in which the vulnerability and beauty of his soul can be plainly read Alice Walker, The Color PurpleYes, this book is hard to read at times, but there is beauty here Such beautiful writing The dialect may be difficult at first but keep reading, you will get the hang of it This book is so worth the effort Highly Recommend.See of my reviews at I give this book 5 stars to spite the myopic David Gilmours and the V.S Naipauls of the world who think books written by women are irrelevant I give this 5 stars to make up for the many 1 2 3 star ratings it may receive simply because of Alice Walker s forthright, honest portrayal of unpleasant truths that are often conveniently shoved under the carpet so as not to disturb the carefully preserved but brittle structure of dogma and century old misconceptions And I award this 5 stars, symbolically on Banned Books Week as an apology for all the cowardly sentiments of the ones who misuse their power by banning books, thereby shutting out many powerful voices which demand and need to be heard.In my eyes, an author s merit lies not only in their sense of aesthetic beauty, but also in the scope and reach of their worldviews which must reflect in their craft.Alice Walker s is the voice of one such African American writer that recounts a story which not only breaches the boundaries of an issue like emancipation of women but tries to detect a common pattern in problems plaguing civilizations across continents She gives us one horrifying glimpse after another into the lives of women ravaged by unspeakable brutalities like rape and abuse, lives searching for meaning and connection and seeking out that elusive ray of hope amidst the darkness of despair And by the end of the narrative, she brings to light with great sensitivity, that misogyny, sexism and blind patriarchal prejudices are as rampantly in vogue in the urban, upscale sphere of American cities as they are in the intractable, untameable African landscapes.Celie and Nettie Shug Avery, Sofia and Mary Agnes Tashi and Olivia All these are but different names and many facets of the same disturbing reality.If the lives of Celie and Nettie are torn apart by sexual abuse and humiliation from childhood, then Tashi and other unnamed young African girls of the Olinka tribe are victims of genital mutilation and other forms of psychological and physical torture.If the men of African American families dehumanize the female members to the point of treating them as mere care givers and sex slaves, then the objectification of African women by the men of their families is no less appalling And contrary to accepted beliefs, white families in America are just as easily susceptible to misogyny as the African American families are.But Alice Walker doesn t only stop at opening our eyes to the uncivilized aspects of our so called civilized world, but also shows us how knowledge of the world and people at large, self awareness and education can help exorcize such social evils, how it is never too late to gain a fresh perspective, start anew and how empowerment of women eventually empowers society.Dear David Gilmour, if I were a professor of English literature I d have taught Alice Walker to my students without a shred of hesitation, because here s an author who may not possess the trademark sophistication of Virginia Woolf s lyrical prose but who, nonetheless, fearlessly broaches subjects many masters and mistresses of the craft may balk at dealing with.Alice Walker 5 David Gilmour 0 I read The Colour Purple in my early teens, was traumatized by the graphic abuse portrayed, and vowed to never read it again I was curious about why so many of my GR friends rated it so highly and was eventually convinced to give it another go.Years after my first read, I still of course have the same visceral reaction to the abuse but that no longer blinds me from seeing the magnificence of Alice Walker s storytelling, and how she brings her characters to life.Celie is the protagonist of the tale Her story is told through a series of letters written firstly to God, and then to her sister Nettie As an abused, uneducated woman abused by her father, husband, and step children who was only ever shown love by Nettie, the letters are very telling, and are the only means Celie has of expressing her feelings I adored Celie It really amazed me how a woman who was abused so much sexually, physically, verbally could still have so much love in her heart, and not be bitter Imagine hearing things like this regularly Husband to Celie Who you think you is You can t curse nobody Look at you You black, you pore, you ugly, you a woman Goddam, he say, you nothing at all But Celie is something, and one of my favourite parts of this book is the sisterhood portrayed, especially by the enigmatic Shug, who helped Celie on her journey to self realization The book has strong female characters, which is another plus I m so glad I gave this book a second chance Celie is a wonderful character and proof of the resilience of the human spirit I think us here to wonder, myself To wonder To ask And that in wondering bout the big things and asking bout the big things, you learn about the little ones, almost by accident But you never know nothing about the big things than you start out with The I wonder, the I love. Wow I mean Really Wow.You know how there are some books and their words wrap around you like a comforting blanket WellThis Is Not One.The Color Purple rips the clothes right off of your skin, leaving you bare and vulnerable From the first freakin moment opening the page You are just THERE and you can t be anywhere else but THERE Even when you re not.Wow.Have you seen the movie I had I thought I was prepared Because the movie was devastating I remember vividly being in the house that me and a couple of college friends rented, sitting there in the dark, all of us sitting on our furniture, chain smoking, drinking wine and crying The movie didn t prepare me.Walker s words are music Sometimes a sweet melody, but mostly a cacophony of pain and sorrow Oh and how the characters change and grow with time, how they eventually find peace And the dichotomy of the South and Africa It makes me yearn to find pieces of literature that can show me the mysteries of that continent.I am incoherent and refuse to speak of the summary It s The Color Purple It doesn t need a summary.It is alive.It is life.