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The covenant that was meant to keep the wizard wars at bay has been stolen, and the sanctuary of Trinity must prepare for attack Seph monitors the Weirwalls, while Jack and Ellen train their army of ghosts to face an onslaught of wizards Even Anaweir Will and Fitch are setting traps around the town's perimeter To Jason Haley, it feels as though everyone but him has a role to play Then he finds a powerful talismana huge opal called the Dragonheartburied in a cave When its power washes over him, he knows he's destined for a greater purpose than anyone ever imaginedMadison Moss can hears the seductive call of the Dragonheart also, but she has other things on her mind Maddie's been leaking dark magic ever since absorbing the blow that was meant to kill her boyfriend, Seph If anyone finds out, she'll be banished from the sanctuaryand Sephforever Meanwhile, Trinity's enemies mean to win the war with the help of the Dragonheart, and they know that Madison Moss is the only one who can get it for themMoral compasses spin out of control as a final battle storms through a town that was meant to be a refuge With so much to lose, what will Jason and Maddie be willing to fight forand what will they sacrifice? It's everyone for himself in this thrilling conclusion to the Heir trilogy

10 thoughts on “The Dragon Heir

  1. Anne Anne says:

    3.5 stars

    This was better than I remembered, but maybe not so good that I'd shove this series in anyone's face & beg them to read it.


    I guess more specifically, dragon. Because there's only one heir to the Dragon...thingy. Guild? I don't know. Whatever. It's not important. Just know that, unlike all the rest of the magical people, nobody even knew this type of person could exist.


    This one has all of the characters from the previous two books in it, but the main focus is on Madison & Jason.
    I think I might rate this higher, but there were quite a few things I felt were either too rushed (view spoiler)[Jason's death (hide spoiler)]

  2. Teri Teri says:

    I just can't rate this book as highly as the first 2 which is a bummer as it's the conclusion. The two main characters were soooooo whiny I felt like I was reading Harry Potter #5. Then it seemed like the author had to go somewhere so she just tied up the end real quick. . . and he died and she lived and the other two lived happily ever after, the end

  3. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    Magic is real, and the people who use it are dicks.

    Wizards have been engaged in a bloody battle for supremacy for generations, and they don't care who they destroy in the process. In The Warrior Heir, young Jack finds out that he has magic and that the wizards plan to use him as a pawn in their latest scheme. With help from the few wizard rebels, he manages to badly damage the wizards' power over the other magic guilds. In the second book, The Wizard Heir, the growing band of rebels continue their fight to create an egalitarian magic society while keeping the non-magic users safe. But in The Dragon Heir the wizards forge an uneasy alliance amongst themselves, and their combined power may be enough to destroy the haven of Trinity and all who have worked so hard to create it. The rebels' only chance to survive is to harness the power of the Dragon Stone. But the secrets of how to use the stone have been lost for centuries, and they're running out of time...

    Sounds awesome, right? After all this build up, The Dragon Heir should be the apex of excitement and epic adventure! And yet--it's actually kinda boring. There are so many characters, and they all get more than their fair share of inner monologues about their personal problems. Even though this is the final battle, Chima introduces all manner of extraneous characters and extra plot points, then forgets about half of them. It's an unfocused mess of a book, and the climax is an unsatisfying deus-ex-machina.

    The world building is subpar (I'm still bothered by the fact that we never see any hint that there's a broader world out there--it's all either western Europe or America. If both sides are in such dire straits, how come they never thought of seeking out help elsewhere?) and the plot is inconsistent. Chima isn't great at creating novel, memorable characters, either--I literally could not remember which male teen was which. That said, when Chima focuses on Seph, Jack or Madison, the story comes alive. And Chima is one of the few ya novelists who doesn't do gender essentialism. I loved that the male and female warriors are described using the same language (none of that half-hearted bullshit about how the dude is so strong and brawny and the lady is lithe or slender--they both hack people to death with swords and have got the incredible fore-arms to prove it). The characters have a wide range of motivations, abilities, and goals, irrespective of gender. It's sad how excited I am to find a fantasy book without that set of stereotypes.

    Overall, I'd recommend this series, but with the caveat that the last book doesn't live up to what came before it.

  4. Molly Mortensen Molly Mortensen says:

    For a finale, this book was rather underwhelming. It was okay and I still plan to continue the series, but I expected more.

    Who died? (view spoiler)[[Claude and Dev D’Orsay, Nicodemus Snowbeard, Jason, Warren Barber, Brice Roper, Brooks (ghost warrior now permanently dead)] (hide spoiler)]

  5. Afton Nelson Afton Nelson says:

    A great finish to the Heir Trilogy. I had a few issues with some of the characters in the story.


    Linda and Leander's brief stint in this book was annoying. Why couldn't they come back and help in the battle? Bring a few weapons from the castle's stash? Could they buy a cell phone and call to check in? The Trinity Weir people were in desperate need all the while Linda and Leander hang out in a castle and have basically no part in this book.

    I was confused about the dragon/lady. Was she a dragon or a lady? Both? This was confusing to me. When Madison became the dragon did she give up art school? Maybe they don't allow dragons at art school.

    Sad about Jason, but hopefully Leesha will have a long time to feel guilty about that.

    Warren Barber got off too easy in my opinion. I guess falling off a cliff is a violent end, but I would have preferred death by dragon fire or dragon teeth.

    I loved how Jessamine and Wylie lost their Weirstones. What a perfect end for them!

    Jason's sacrifice was heroic but sad.

    And what about Nicodemus? How could he love someone and betray her so fully? And sorry, but if I was the dragon and came face to face with my betrayer, I would have a few more words to say.

  6. Andy Andy says:


    This was seriously awesome! The Dragon Heir picks up right after the events in The Wizard Heir. This installment focuses more on Madison Moss and Jason Haley. When Jason steals the Dragon Heart from Ravensguild, the Wizards are in an uproar and desperate to get it back. Trinity is preparing for war, Leander Hastings & Linda Downey leave to go after the weapons horde at Ravensguild, leaving Seph McCauley in charge with only a handful of other wizards.

    I absolutely love the world Chima has created with the Weir and Anaweir in this story. This book flew by and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Strange things started happening to Madison after being hit by Leceister's hex that was meant to kill Seph and she's still suffering effects from it. I was so frustrated with Madison for a decent part of this book. She refused to confide in anyone about what was happening to her. Even at the very end she never said anything about it. I couldn'y understand why, because it was like she was actually trying to hurt Seph. Madison also leaves for a majority of the story to go watch her family in Coulson County.

    Then we have Jason. I loved getting to know him more, but he was also slightly frustrating. He kept trying to leave Trinity to go feel important. Like son, sit down. Sometimes you don't get to be a hero 24/7 and you need to be cool with it. The other thing that was weird was Linda & Leander going off to Ravensguild. They manage to capture the castle but then they never do anything with it. They just hung out with all those weapons while Seph and his friends are running around raged in Trinity. It was such a random and weird absence that was never resolved at the end.

    This world is so much fun to be in. There's something about the magical guilds that I absolutely love. And seeing all these characters I've grown to love work together, was extremely satisfying. I loved how the fight between the underguilds and Wizards was culminated in this one. There were so many moving pieces to keep track of and I was never bored with it. The ending was equal parts triumphant and sad from the multiple deaths. I really enjoyed how this was resolved, but I'm curious to see what will happen in the last two books!

  7. Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) says:

    Why this book didn't get 5 stars

    1. My 2nd favorite character dies, and nobody even seems to care.
    2. Linda and Leander have hardly any scenes
    3. The ending was rushed, like she just wanted to get it over with and didn't care about the story anymore--and there were tons of loose ends
    4. We don't even find out what happens with Jack and Ellen, or get to see Linda and Leander's reactions to the war etc..(The last time we saw Ellen, she was dying and unconscious...is that any way to end a series? I think not)

    Other than these things, it was great. But I'm really upset. I LOVE Jason! He shouldn't have died, and if he had to, he could have a more drawn-out death. I mean, it was like nothing. One seconds he was alive, the next he was dead. It was ridiculous.

    Although the separate story about Madison Moss was kind of random and not strictly necessary, I enjoyed it. I really like Maddie and her bravery, but I would have preferred more of the other characters, like Seph, Jack, and Ellen...It was a Maddie overdose, really. It also annoyed me how she didn't tell Seph WHY she was avoiding him, though it clearly HURT him. It's not as if he would have been mad at her; it wasn't her fault that the hex magic stuck in her. In fact, Seph probably would have figured out a way to get rid of it sooner. It just seemed unnecessary, and there weren't enough Seph/Maddie scenes for my liking.

    I loved getting Jason's POV, which is part of the reason I despised his death. It seemed like Chima didn't want to deal with him or have to write a scene between him and Leesha, so she just killed him. We got to know him only to have him die? Cruel, very cruel.

    I would have thought that, being that this is the third and final book, there would have been more of Jack and Ellen. Also, Linda was such a strong, clever character who I loved to pieces, yet none of her initiative is shown in this book. She's off wasting time the whole book. WHY DID SHE LEAVE SEPH to be in charge of the WAR? Nick Snowbeard was clearly getting old and weak, so what gave her the idea that he would be an acceptable replacement for either Hastings or herself. Why couldn't Hastings have handled the Ghyll on his own? Or Linda have handled the Gyhll so that at least ONE of them would have been able to help and maybe JASON WOULDN'T HAVE DIED, because Chima would have decided NOT to be LAZY.

    Also, the whole thing about Nick Snowbeard betraying Lady Aiden? That was just randomly sloshed in there, and didn't make much sense, to be honest. And Lady Aiden...what was she? Woman? Dragon? HOW did Nick betray her and WHY? I was confused. When Maddie gets the power from her and scares away everyone...unrealistic. I think the removal of weir-stones was a good idea, but, once again, it was too rushed. One second it was war, the next they all retreated and Maddie was running off to save her siblings. Warren Barber's demise was pathetic and, shockingly, rushed.

    DON'T get me wrong. I LOVE this series, and I'm only being so hard on it for that reason. I really had high expectations for it. Some of the BEST characters I've ever read. I'm definitely going to run out and buy Chima's next trilogy, and hope that she's learned from her mistakes and will NOT bunch together a gunky ending OR KILL SOMEONE I LOVE!!

  8. DJ DJ says:

    I enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy. Ive always liked stories of the everyman finding that he's part of a powerful hidden destiny. I felt the characters could have been fleshed out a bit more, but they were still likable overall. The 3rd book however, fell flat on its face. Its almost as if the author couldnt figure out how to end it, so she just wrapped it up with a few quick paragraphs from a third person point of view. Linda and Hastings, integral characters, disappear from the story part way through the book, only making a brief cameo later on. Jack, who was the main character in the 1st book, barely gets a footnote, while Ellen who was mortally wounded, get a quick but non-satisfactory explanation about her recovery. Seph changes from the niave half-trained wizard to a dark, brooding being more powerful than all the others with only the slightest of explanation how (wizard flame). And after all they've been through including Jason's sacrifice, all we get to know of him and Madison is that they live happily ever after on Booker Mountain.
    The end of this trilogy was a huge let down. All of the build up and suspense anticipated in our heroes using the Ultimate weapon that was the Dragon Heart, ended up being less exciting than watching a single firecracker pop. Reading the last chapter, it felt to me as if the author just gave up and called it a day to meet a deadline.

  9. Noelia Alonso Noelia Alonso says:

    This was a pretty underwhelming conclusion to the initial trilogy. More than predictable and quite unsatisfactory. My edition was 499 pages long and everything is resolved in the last 30 pages or so and it's not even a good conclusion. Besides the overall plot, I wouldn't say this is a sequel to the first two books. Some characters don't feel like the characters from the previous two books. I was not happy with this and I'm sure as hell won't be picking the next two books that came out after this one. I don't tend to be this harsh but I just felt I wasted my time big time reading this

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    The final book in the excellent ‘Heir’ trilogy wraps up the conflict centered on the talented youths Jack, Ellen, Jason, Seph, and Madison. The war between the different factions of wizards has come to a head and the discovery of a powerful weapon, the Dragonheart, has each side fighting for its control. I think this volume even edged out ‘Warrior Heir’ for my favorite of the three – this one was so much more developed and the characters matured in many ways.

    One thing that really bugged me was the absence of Leander and Linda from 90% of the action. I understand that the novel was primarily centered on these talented teens and the choices they made but it seemed odd that the two major adult players in the game would be gone – off in England securing a castle no less – for most of the book. I can’t really believe they never checked back even once with everyone in Trinity to make sure things weren’t going too badly (which they were) especially since it was their kids we’re talking about here!! And, we never get any resolution from them either. Perhaps that is my problem with the entire books ending though. I felt like this fascinating story moved forward at such a fast pace with details galore and conflicts legion but after the major conflict was resolved all the rest simply melted away. We were given hints about many of the characters but I for one was left feeling pretty let down. I wanted to know all the nitty gritty details about where everyone went from there. Perhaps it would have added another 50-100 pages to properly address all the lingering issues but I had already read around 500 and I wouldn’t have minded a bit.

    Okay that was quite the digression so let me say again that I loved this book! Mature, smart, and even flawed teens making heartbreaking choices in a world full of magic, betrayal, strength, love, and loss.