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HunterI didn’t mean to star in a sex tape, okay?It was just one of those unexplainable things Like Stonehenge, Police Academy , and morning glory cloudsIt just happenedNow my ballbusting father is sentencing me to six months of celibacy, sobriety, and morbid boredom under the roof of Boston’s nerdiest girl alive, Sailor BrennanThe virginal archer is supposed to babysit my ass while I learn to take my place in Royal Pipelines, my family’s oil companyLittle does she know, that’s not the only pipe I’ll be laying…SailorI didn’t want this gig, okay?But the deal was too sweet to walk away fromI needed the public endorsement; Hunter needed a nannyBesides, what’s six months in the grand scheme of things?It’s not like I’m in danger of falling in love with the appallingly gorgeous, charismatic gazillionaire who happens to be one of Boston’s most eligible bachelorsNo I will remain immune to Hunter Fitzpatrick’s charmEven at the cost of losing everything I haveEven at the cost of burning down his kingdom 'THE HUNTER' is the first full length romance book in L.J Shen's 'Boston Belles' series Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.' This is Hunter Fitzpatrick's and Sailor Brennan's story Buckle up and get ready to fall in love..God first it was the cover, Holy shit because he's kind of hot IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO LOVE THIS BOOK MORE! This was literally the look on my fave when I finished reading this AMAZING story It is hands down one of the best romances I’ve ever read Hunter called to me like a siren song!I read this book in record time, flipping through the pages like a madwoman — simultaneously wanting to know what happens, but also not wanting the story to ever end Books like this are why I began reading romance It is riveting, sexy, and hit me right in the feels The characters are vivid and bold Reading this book was just downright fun! THIS IS QUINTESSIAL L.J SHEN! The best of the best!Here’s what I loved:Hunter MF Fitzpatrick owned me body and soul There's so much to this character Layer upon layer And once you really dive in and start to get to know him, you literally have no choice but to fall in love The writing is emotive and evokes so many feelings And as always, the flow and banter are to die for This is LJ at her best!! I felt for these characters like no other! Both of them hold a special place in my heart This book is fire! The sexual chemistry is off the charts hot and the physical encounters between these two will leave you panting Beta Read ***AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW***5 I'LL BE YOUR PREY CROWNSHOLY F*%#ING LORD IN HEAVEN! I’m so freaking in love with HUNTER and his heroine! I’m dying! I freaking laughed out loud so much at Hunter’s antics The story is phenomenal The cameos! DEAD This new world Thank god it is book one! I don’t want to leave it The Hunter is quintessential LJ Shen, and Hunter is the hero we have come to love I am sucker for a playboy hero who is a bit broken on the inside Shen wrote him in a way that made my heart break for him, his pain is palpable I just wanted to reach into the pages and hug him, and it is really part of what makes him so charming Don't worry, though, he he has all the other characteristics of a LJ Shen hero we have come to love comedic, arrogant, charismatic, and skilled He is MY FAVORITE SHEN HERO Sailor is fantastic I love that she is goal oriented and is willing and able to put Hunter in his place I felt like she was such a unique character, and I couldn't have loved her intelligence, her sass, and her banter with Hunter I adore her as a heroine and all the ways she fixed Hunter This story The world It has that old LJ Shen feel I loved every single page Every single moment Seeing Hunter grapple with his self worth, seeing Sailor come into her ownthan she was with him, and seeing these two come together and fulfill each other was PERFECTION I couldn't get enough of them, and this world The cameos, the new characters, the series set up has meexcited than my words can express This series is, I am sure, primed to take me top spot in my LJ Shen favorite list The Boston Belles world starts off with a bang Hunter and Sailor captivated my heart, and LJ Shen has guaranteed that I will never want to leave this brand new world It will be a top read of 2020 for me Beta read ENGLISH/SPANISH VERSIONOMG! OMG! OMG! I AM TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW WORLD AND CHARACTERS! L.J Shen opens her new series with a BANG, this book hit me like a truck I'm a mess trying to handle so many emotions.  The Hunter is an explosive mix of laugh out loud, intense angst and scorching sensuality that consumed me completely and left me BREATHLESS! My stomach was a swarm of butterflies from beginning to end, I don't know what to do with myself any, I think I'm still in ecstasy.IT'S OFFICIAL, HUNTER IS MY FAVORITE HERO EVER!! OMG, no other  hero has smitten me the way that he did!, Hunter is every single thing that you want, utter perfection, sexy AF, sweet, and sooooo hilarious, I had so much fun with his antics, his mouth so dirty, dear God, accelerated my pulse and melted my panties, he made me swoon like no one! My love for him has no bouds! And our heroine Sailor, she is such a brave, determined and fierce, such a badass character I love the way they complement each other, they crawled under my skin and reached the depths of my soul I WILL REMEMBER THIS COUPLE FOREVER!Hunter and Sailor start as enemies being roommates for a deal that benefits them both, but as time passes, their relationship evolves to friends and is EVERYTHING,  they are so sexy, emotional, and humorous, laughed out loud so much with their dialogues and text messages!  Their romance is an exquisite slow burn, wow, THEIR ELECTRIFYING CHEMISTRY BRINGS THE BOOK TO LIVE LIKE NO OTHER, their  scenes loaded with deep tension and attraction  made my heart beat so fast, and their banter, OMG, I almost died of spontaneous combustion The Hunter owns my soul, mind and heart, I am fascinated, soo addicted to this story,  I want to live forever with these characters In addition, the glimpses we had of the other characters, and the clues the author throws towards the possible couples, it leaves many possibilities open, I am dying to knowof them.  A standing ovation to L.J Shen, her ability as a storyteller has no comparison, this story was OUTSTANDING, unputdownable, and there are not enough stars to rate how much I loved it!Get ready for your new obsession! This exquisite romance will ruin you for the other books in the next decade, it will take your breath away and will own all your senses! Versión en español¡DIOS MIO! ¡DIOS MIO! ¡DIOS MIO! ¡DIOS MIO! ¡ESTOY VERDADERAMENTE, LOCAMENTE, PROFUNDAMENTE ENAMORADA CON ESTE NUEVO MUNDO Y PERSONAJES! L.J Shen abre su nueva serie con un BANG, este libro me golpeó como un camión, soy un lío tratando de manejar tantas emociones The Hunter es una mezcla explosiva de carcajadas, angustia intensa y sensualidad abrasadora que me consumió por completo y me dejó sin aliento Mi estómago fue un enjambre de mariposas de principio a fin, ya no sé qué hacer conmigo, creo que todavía estoy en éxtasis.¡ES OFICIAL, HUNTER ES MI HÉROE FAVORITO DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS! ¡Ningún otro héroe me ha fascinado de la forma en que Hunter lo hizo! Él es todo lo que quieres, perfección absoluta, sexy, dulce y tan divertido, me reí tanto con él, su boca tan sucia, querido Dios, aceleró mi pulso y derritió mis bragas, ¡Lo amo tanto! Y nuestra heroína Sailor, ella es un personaje tan valiente, decidida y fiera, tan genial Me encanta la forma en que se complementan entre sí; esta pareja se arrastró debajo de mi piel y alcanzó las profundidades de mi alma, ¡LOS RECORDARÉ PARA SIEMPRE!Hunter y Sailor comienzan como enemigos siendo compañeros de apartamento por un trato que los beneficia a ambos, pero a medida que pasa el tiempo, su relación evoluciona a amigos y  es TODO, son tan sexys, emocionales y divertidos, reí carcajadas con sus diálogos y mensajes de texto Su romance es exquisito, SU QUÍMICA ELÉCTRICA TRAE EL LIBRO A LA VIDA COMO NINGÚN OTRO, sus escenas cargadas de profunda tensión y atracción hicieron que mi corazón latiera tan rápido, OMG, casi me muero de combustión espontánea.THE HUNTER posee mi alma, mente y corazón Estoy fascinada, tan adicta a esta historia, quiero vivir para siempre con estos personajes Además, los vistazos que tuvimos de los otros personajes, y las pistas que el autor arroja hacia las posibles parejas, deja muchas posibilidades abiertas, estoy muriendo por saber más sobre ellas Una gran ovación a L.J Shen, su habilidad como narradora no tiene comparación, esta historia fue EXCEPCIONAL, majestuosa, ¡y no hay suficientes estrellas para describir lo que me encantó!¡Prepárate para tu nueva obsesión! ¡Este exquisito romance te arruinará para los otros libros en la próxima década, te dejará sin aliento y se adueñará de todos tus sentidos!