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An Historic Publishing Event Endorsed By The Louvre And For The First Time Ever, Every Painting From The World S Most Popular Museum Is Available In One Stunning Book All , Paintings On Display In The Permanent Painting Collection Of The Louvre Are Presented In Full Color In This Striking, Slipcased Book Comes With An Enclosed, Supportive DVD ROMThe Louvre Is The World S Most Visited Art Museum, With Million Visitors Annually, And Houses The Most Celebrated And Important Paintings Of All Time For The First Time Ever, The Louvre All The Paintings Collects All , Paintings Currently On Display In The Permanent Collection In One Beautifully Curated VolumeOrganized And Divided Into The Four Main Painting Collections Of The Museum The Italian School, The Northern School, The Spanish School, And The French School The Paintings Are Then Presented Chronologically By The Artist S Date Of BirthFour Hundred Of The Most Iconic And Significant Paintings Are Illuminated With Word Discussions By Art Historians Anja Grebe And Vincent Pomar De On The Key Attributes Of The Work, What To Look For When Viewing The Painting, The Artist S Inspirations And Techniques, Biographical Information On The Artist, The Artist S Impact On The History Of Art, AndAll , Paintings Are Fully Annotated With The Name Of The Painting And Artist, The Date Of The Work, The Birth And Death Dates Of The Artist, The Medium That Was Used, The Size Of The Painting, The Louvre Catalog Number, And The Room In The Louvre In Which The Painting Is FoundThe DVD ROM Is Easily Browsable By Artist, Date, School, Art Historical Genre, Or Location In The Louvre This Last Feature Allows Readers To Tour The Louvre And Its Contents Room By Room, As If They Were Actually Walking Through The BuildingDVD ROM System Requirements DVD ROM Runs On A PC Windows XP Or Later And MAC OSX Or Later Running The Following Browser Software Internet Explorer Or Firefox And Above Or Safari And Above

5 thoughts on “The Louvre. All The Paintings

  1. msjbean msjbean says:

    Photos are so small, dvd photos are small and its slow to navigate I get that there are just too many paintings to thoroughly cover all the works but the photos are so small I would consider it of a book of thumbnails I had hoped that the dvd would give me access to better quality, larger photos than the website but it does not If you re a fan of art, check out the Museo del Prado s excellent online collection.

  2. Sharon Wilfong Sharon Wilfong says:

    Some people have complained about the size of the paintings but there are plenty of large photos, all in color and the smaller ones are still big enough to see clearly This is, after all, the entire collection of the Louvre, which is a massive undertaking and I think they did a good job.

  3. J. Kittay J. Kittay says:

    A collection of great art works, unfortunately many are reproduced here in very small versions, and even the accompanying CD has the same small pictures Maybe it s just me, but I couldn t figure out how to enlarge them on my screen I bought this for my artist significant other, just sits on the shelf in her studio.

  4. RPD RPD says:

    What can we say about the Louvre it contains some of the greatest works of art in human history Having had the great fortune of viewing quite a number of these paintings firsthand in the Louvre, I was extremely pleased to see that ALL the paintings in this grand treasure trove were finally released The main reason being, that I had seen works there that never seemed to appear in other art books, and memories alone cannot restore the original in detail in the mind s eye, hence it cannot satiate one s various reasons for being drawn to a particular work, be it for its aesthetic charm, psychological impact, creativity, color scheme, composition, etc One such work was The Young Martyr, by Paul Delaroche.However, that example brings to light the main drawback of this ambitious volume The image is sadly minuscule, as are the majority of artworks reproduced I cannot fault the publisher too harshly, however, for these reasons First, the huge number of works that the Louvre contains cannot be presented in one volume any other way Second, if they did make this a multi volume edition, it would have been too expensive for many people Third, making this single volume gives people who never had, or will have, the chance to visit the Louvre a complete representation of their art treasures, all at a very reasonable price Fourth, many art books aimed at the broad public have extremely poor color reproductions, some being an absolute insult to the artist and the art world And while this edition does not boast the highest quality available, it nevertheless is good, especially considering the amount of works presented in this massive volume.Being an artist author myself, I find the ability to open this book in the comfort of a favorite chair or sofa a great relief, sparing my eyes from the glare of a computer screen This, again, brings to light another issue namely that of the accompanying DVD The images are likewise minuscule, and not worth the effort or strain.Nevertheless, the robust catalog that this edition boasts affords the professional or layman the ability to study lesser known artists and their works, thus broadening one s knowledge and clarifying one s vision about the exchange of ideas, from artist to artist, or from one school to another, and acquiring a better understanding of the chronological timeline of how tastes, influences and priorities change.As such, despite its flaws, for the price, it is a great addition to my library, and a book that anyone can pick up to gain pleasure from, or be inspired by one of the small images within to research an artist further elsewhere But the wealth of artistic genius within this hefty tome is worth the sacrifices, as such, it is highly recommended for art lovers or art students interested in art history.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    A huge book with thousands of paintings You definitely get your bang for the buck The quality of the printings is mediocre, good enough for flipping through but not enough for closer study For a general reader like myself, the descriptions attached to the paintings are informative but somewhat on the cut and dry side I wish they were juicier although that is purely personal preference Very happy I ve purchased the book.