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This Completely Reconceived And Rewritten Guide To The Metropolitan Museum Of Art S Encyclopedic Holdings The First New Edition Of The Guidebook In Nearly Thirty Years Provides The Ideal Introduction To Almost Essential Masterpieces From One Of The World S Most Popular And Beloved Art Collections It Features A Compelling And Accessible Design, Beautiful Color Reproductions, And Up To Date Descriptions Written By The Museum S Own Experts More Than A Simple Souvenir Book, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Guide Provides A Comprehensive View Of Art History Spanning Five Millennia And The Entire Globe, Beginning With The Ancient World And Ending In Contemporary Times It Includes Media As Varied As Painting, Photography, Costume, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Musical Instruments, Arms And Armor, Works On Paper, And Many Presenting Works Ranging From The Ancient Egyptian Temple Of Dendur To Canova S Perseus With The Head Of Medusa To Sargent S Madame X, This Is An Indispensable Volume For Lovers Of Art And Art History, And For Anyone Who Has Ever Dreamed Of Lingering Over The Most Iconic Works In The Metropolitan S Unparalleled Collection Now Available As An EBook The Guide Is Now Available To Read On Your Tablet, Mobile Phone Or Personal Computer The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Guide EBook Provides The Same Features As The Printed Version Along With Digital Enhancements Such As A Linked Table Of Contents For Easy Navigation, A Double Click To Zoom On Works Of Art, And Additional Views Of Artworks Like The Print Version, This EBook Features A Compelling And Accessible Design, Beautiful Photography, And Up To Date Descriptions Written By The Museum S Own Experts The EBook Is Now Available On Kindle, Apple IBooks And Google Play

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  1. Dachsielover Dachsielover says:

    The brief history of the museum is very interesting The ancient art sections are excellent, especially the one about Egypt The Greek and Roman section is nice, but I am glad that I own 2 other books on those subjects from the Met The Asian Art section is adequate But the Islamic art section is the real stand out I had a whole book on Islamic Art and it wasn t as memorable as the 18 photos in this book I wish the arms and armor section could have been longer, since the Met owns 14,000 pieces of it But that just inspired me to get a great book on arms and armor The Medieval sections are very good they include photos of The Cloisters, a separate museum owned by the Met housed in a series of reconstructed medieval monastery like buildings It will be useful to me if I ever get back to NYC I have been to the Met only twice before The first time I concentrated on the art of Egypt, Greece and Rome with some Art Nouveau and other stuff thrown in for good measure I was there for 7 hours, including lunch This last time I focused on a marvelous display of arms and armor, other Medieval art, stained glass, rooms made entirely of woodworking, sculpture, and the Impressionists This book is not just beautiful, it is an informative and interesting read I was VERY hesitant to buy a paperback art book this thick, but the pages are sewn in and the covers are like that of a good flexible Bible.

  2. John Williamson John Williamson says:

    To those familiar with New York City, that huge museum known as The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a familiar site Located at 1000 Fifth Avenue, it s most commonly known as The Met so please understand that the term isn t one employed lightly throughout this review, but used fondly, as this reviewer has fond childhood memories of visits there in my youth.From the moment it came out of the box, it was clear that this newly released book,The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide, was clearly different from many of the guidebooks and publications that have been published over the last decade or so To start with, it is heftier than its 6 by 9 inch size might indicate, as it clearly weighs at least 2 pounds The Flexibound cover is matte and fingerprint resistant, and the binding is better than many of the hardbound books that I ve purchased in a number of years.The front cover is a cropped color reproduction of Jean Lon Gr me s Bashi Bazouk, as can be found on exhibit in the The Met s extensive European Paintings collection, and within the first pages we find some beautifully reproduced full page photos of some of the best works that can be found in the Museum, followed by the Table of Contents This is followed by a foreword by Museum Director Thomas P Campbell, where he credits a number of staff members including Stephen Schoenfelder, the designer of this new edition Director Campbell follows with the Introduction, which is really a fascinating history of The Met, from its 1866 beginnings in Paris, of all places, and before it owned a single work This is tight and concise, but perfectly illustrated And there s an unusual note to the reader, commenting on certain anomalies that may be found in this book in comparison to what is found in the museum interesting, yet taking away nothing from the book itself.The book is broken down in sections like a museum visit Ancient World Ancient Near Eastern Art Egyptian Art Greek and Roman ArtAcross Cultures Asian Art Islamic Art Arts of Africa, Oceana, and the Americas Arms and Armor Musical InstrumentsEurope Medieval Art The Cloisters Drawings and Prints European Paintings European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Robert Lehman CollectionUnited States The American WingModern Era The Costume Institute Modern and Contemporary Art PhotographsAll of this is followed by the Index of Works, and that is very well done, with the work of are italicized, as they should be It s a complete index, and cross referenced as one might hope in such a work.This is the first completely new edition in almost 30 years, and it has a far attractive design thanthe old one, an edition that I gave away a few years ago It had constricted dimensions and pages with inconsistent reproductions, and the descriptive text was fairly good, but there was the overall feeling of a mail order catalog that prevailed This new edition is not just a makeover it s a complete restructuring with interesting facts, commentary and superb reproductions in keeping with what is one of the world s largest and considered to be one of the finest museums in the world.Though the photography section is one of my personal favorites, I have had a long time interest in American artworks, and that section is well represented here If you have similar interests and are a regular visitor, you may wish to look into another new publication,American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art A Walking Guide It s worthwhile for those who want a lightweight and very portable edition to this particular section of the Museum.One could go on about all of the works of art found within the pages here, but that would be spoiling the joy and surprises in store for the reader once the cover is opened It s also easy to pick apart the omission of certain personal favorites, but considering that the editors had to select 600 of The Met s nearly two million works, then provide both images and brief descriptions into 449 pages and not make them look jammed in there is a marvel in itself.It s not just the content that is impressive with this new edition, either The printing itself is clean and sharp, and the Centaur and Chaparral typefaces make this guide a pleasure to read It s printed on 130 gm HannoArt Silk, a premium wood free paper made from pulp bleached without the use of chlorine, which means that it s made to last Professional Graphics Inc in Illinois did a skillful job with the color separations, and the printing and binding were expertly done in Italy.Art lovers of all types who have never visited The Met will stand to profit from this book in terms that it s a great resource and reference to so many of the most important works of art in the world Teachers would find it a good reference for the same reasons And first time visitors who are so often disconcerted by the size and scope of the place will find this to be a way to get a pretty good overview prior to a visit And I ll offer this as a subtle hint to visitors that may consider picking up this book in the stores at The Met you can check online and see that it s cheaper to buy it here beforehand than to get it once you arrive.As a member and frequent visitor to The Met, this reader and reviewer can only say that this new edition is welcome, and will on occasion be in my own courier bag during visits, along with my camera It s a highly recommended guide that will be used for years.4 26 2012

  3. Lisa S. Lisa S. says:

    This is a beautiful and informative guide I loved the intro with the history of the museum i don t recollect that in my previous edition from my college years in the 90s There are about 400 pages of artwork an art lovers dream As to the previous reviews where the readers were concerned about the exact locations of the artworks in this book, please keep in mind that this museum has about 8.5 million artifacts This book represents only of fraction of the Met s collection So it is impossible to depict exactly where, when, or even if the particular item they are interested in is on display at any particular time But still, this book is worth owning just for the pictures and the history alone The only thing I really miss from my previous editions is the museum floor maps But you can pick those up for free at the info desk.

  4. Roberto Falzoni Roberto Falzoni says:

    I bought the digital version I went to Metropolitan Museum of Art with it in a tablet consulting the chapters along the visit Although it is a very comprehensive book, better than Museum App, it took me too long time to find the specific piece of art or painting during the visit, and the collection is far bigger than the guide It is a good source for basic consulting before or after going to the Museum, but it does not replace the audio guide or specialized references.

  5. Asanka Amarasinghe Asanka Amarasinghe says:

    This is a good souvenir if you have visited the MET It is nice to have it than bunch of photos that we took during the visit since it has every thing I would recommend to buy it before visiting the met so you can use it as a travel guid