[free] The Origins of Museums: The Cabinet of Curiosities in Sixteenth-and-Seventeenth-Century EuropeAuthor Oliver Impey – Z55z.co

History Today Carried A Feature In , Describing The Origin Of Museums As A Cult Book That Spawned A New Discipline In The History Of Collecting Indeed, The First Publication Of This Book In Undoubtedly Marked A Propitious Moment In The Development Of Interest, In What Has Since Grown To Be A Dynamic Subject Area In Its Own Right That An Appetite For Such Matters Was Already There Is Confirmed By The Fact That The First Impression Sold Out Within A Few Months, A Second Impression A Year Or Two Later, And The Third In There Was To Be No Further Printing By The Original Publishers, Oxford University Press However In A New Edition Appeared With A New Publisher Demand Again Proved Buoyant, But Within A Few Months The Company Failed Having Operated On A Print On Demand Basis, It Left Behind It No Unsold Stock The Origins Of Museums Reverted To A Scarce Though Much Sought After Volume With Original Copies Now Selling For Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Pounds, The Ashmolean Is Proud To Make This Important Volume Readily Available Again