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It s prankster against prankster in the first book of the hilarious New York Times bestselling series by Mac Barnett and Jory JohnMiles Murphy is known for one thing and one thing only prankingHe s the best prankster his school has ever seen So when he s forced to move to boring Yawnee Valley also known for one thing and one thing only cows , he assumes he ll be the best prankster at his new school too There s one problem The school already has a prankster and he s good Really goodFrom bestselling authors Mac Barnett Extra Yarn, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and Jory John Penguin Problems, The Bad Seed comes this deviously funny new series about fitting in, making your mark, and finding a friend where you least expect one Oh, and cows

15 thoughts on “The Terrible Two

  1. Leighanne Murray Leighanne Murray says:

    It was so amazing how it was like a twist at one point miles and niles hated each other and then end up best friends .

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Brilliant book, great for guided reading with my year 6 class, they love it

  3. richard robbins richard robbins says:

    Very good many thanks

  4. OK OK says:

    Die Geschichte ist wirklich lustig geschrieben Miles, der neue Sch ler an einer langweiligen Landschule, versucht sich seinen Namen als Streiche Spieler zu machen Aber seine Streiche werden auf mysteri se Weise von einem unbekannten Streiche Macher berboten oder vorweggenommen Niles, der scheinbare Mustersch ler und Streber, bietet Miles seine Freundschaft an, auch um sich gegen den Schulrowdy und Sohn des Direktors zu verb nden Zun chst wehrt sich Miles erbittert gegen Niles Angebot Aber schlie lich werden die beiden doch ein Team und die Schule erlebt den Aprilscherz ihrer GeschichteEin gutes, lustiges Buch f r Lernanf nger, wenn bereits einige Sprachkenntnisse vorhandenen sind.

  5. Chad viminitz Chad viminitz says:

    I was so excited to read this book and I was not desoponted by this book I can really tell why it was a young readers chose awrds I really recomed this book.

  6. person person says:

    Reading now seems ok

  7. Helen Helen says:

    I love Mac Barnett Extra Yarn is one of our favorite picture books of all time I bought this as a bedtime book to read aloud to my 6 year old daughter We both loved it In fact the whole family loved it This book did not stay relegated to bedtime for long We cuddled on the couch on a Saturday afternoon and read it I started taking it whenever we were in the car to read while my husband drove You will not want to put this book down it is just that fun It is also deceptively simple The sentences are relatively short and easy to read with a lovely flowing cadence However, the concepts are sometimes fairly deep This book never fell victim to the obvious or to the juvenile potty humor that I hate And the vocabulary, completely fabulous This gave me the opportunity to teach my daughter several new vocabulary words I definitely love that It is practically impossible to find a funny book with such great use of words I highly recommend this book We are moving on to the The Terrible Two Get Worse

  8. Kate A. Kate A. says:

    I had to read this as part of being a battle of the books coach So funny I was laughing out loud during class while subbing I recommended the book to all the 5th graders I liked the creative way the boys thought up tricks, and it was just realistic enough to think it could actually happen Easy to read for all levels This one is staying in our library.

  9. M. Jones M. Jones says:

    A book I probably shouldn t be reading to my second grader This book is silly and fun Plenty of humor for the child who is just starting to get subtle jokes It contains a good story that requires one to understand motivation and planning.We found it to be a page turner.

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    Read this with my grandchildren We pick a book suitable for the age range 7 10 The two 10 years enjoyed the book very much The 8 and 7 year old thought it was funny I also liked the book very much We intend to read the rest of the series as our book club moves forward Great fun.

  11. Maglite Maglite says:

    I loved the way this book dealt with the feelings a new kid has when everything in their life changes The characters are quirky and fun to get to know Miles has to swallow some pride, but the friendship he gains is worth it.

  12. Marion Hern Marion Hern says:

    My 9 year old son liked this book He enjoyed reading about the pranks He thought it was funny book and was eager to read it after he finished book 1 in the series

  13. ISB Room 219 students ISB Room 219 students says:

    We really liked this book because the pranks made us laugh We also liked this because it has a lot of detail and feelings The pranks are interesting and they make us want to read on we can t put the book down We really want to read book 2 Somewhere in the distance, a cow mooed

  14. Jfish Jfish says:

    My 10yr old son loves this And he want to read next one Mean should be fun book.

  15. S. Myers S. Myers says:

    I sent this to my 12 year old grandson, and he reported that he loved the book That is the best review that I can give