read online eBook The The Civil War Paintings of Mort Kunstler: The Civil War Paintings of Mort Kunstler The Gettysburg Campaign v. 3Author Mort Kunstler –

Another of the EXCELLENT 4 volume set on this topic by the best artist in my opinion. For Nearly Thirty Years, Mort K Nstler Has Focused His Considerable Artistic Talent On Interpreting The Civil War In Crafting His Work To Reflect Poignant Moments Or Critical Instances Of The Conflict, He Has Turned To Leading Historians And Scholars Such As Henry Steele Commager, James McPherson, William C Davis, And James I Robertson Jr For Informative Details That He Has Then Translated On Canvas To Create An Indelible Image Of This Defining Ordeal In America S History More That Of These Images Supplemented By Preliminary Sketches, Early Studies, And Photographs Of Works In Progress Are The Basis For The Four Volumes In This Series I still prefer Don Troiani s art Mind you, I think Kunstler is a very good artist A bit too gaga over Thomas Jackson for my tastes and I m admittedly miffed that he ignores the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg What I do not like about this series of books is that they are way too small How can a publisher present such epic artwork in a 7 inch by 7 inch book I was expecting an art book, not a series of post cards. Mr Kunstler is unsurpassed in art It is like he stepped back in time and took a modern camera with him andmade photographs of the scenes That is how good and realistic his art work is I am just waiting for him to makesome moving pictures when he goes back in time the next timejust kiddin about that, but this is a must see toappreciate. Mort Kunster s Civil War art is like color photographs of history He brings character and life to every scene, and invokes deep reverence for the men who fought on both sides, bringing out their inherent humanity Highly recommended for not only Civil War enthusiasts but for students of history and devotees of great artwork.