download Best The Vatican: All The Paintings: The Complete Collection of Old Masters, Plus More than 300 Sculptures, Maps, Tapestries, and other ArtifactsAuthor Anja Grebe –

Amazing book, great introduction I received the book as promised within one day and love it I wish there were descriptions for some of the smaller paintings and icons too The picture quality is great for some but I think some of them are too old and hence don t photograph well A great 360 of the Vatican, in fact read this and travel. In The Same Style, Manner, And Format As The Louvre All The Paintings Black Dog The Raphael Frescoes The Works Of Giotto, Fra Angelico, Titian, And Caravaggio And Some Of The World S Finest Statues, Manuscripts, Architecture, And Gardens, As Well As The World S Most Precious Christian RelicsThe Vatican All The Paintings Is An Unprecedented Celebration Of This Great Collection The Book Is Organized Into Sections Representing The Museums And Areas Of The Vatican, Including The Pinacoteca, The Sistine Chapel, The Raphael Rooms, The Borgia Apartments, The Vatican Palaces, And St Peter S Basilica Each One Of The Works Of Art Represented In The Book Including Classical Paintings On Display In The Permanent Painting Collection And Other Masterpieces Is Annotated With The Name Of The Painting And Artist, The Date Of The Work, The Birth And Death Dates Of The Artist, The Medium That Was Used, The Size Of The Work, And The Catalog Number If Applicable In Addition, Of The Most Iconic And Significant Paintings And Other Pieces Of Art Are Highlighted With Word Essays By Art Historian Anja Grebe On Such Topics As The Key Attributes Of The Work, What To Look For When Viewing The Work, The Artist S Inspirations And Techniques, Biographical Information On The Artist, And The Artist S Impact On Art HistoryThe Design Of The Book Enables The Reader To Carefully Examine And Enjoy The Full And Half Page Featured Paintings As Well As The Rest Of The Collection Of Paintings, Which Appear Four Or Six To A Page Larger Works Of Art, Like Ceilings And Frescoes, Include Overall Views And Details Of The Masterpieces Also Includes Three Gatefolds To View The Most Iconic Works Of Art At A Larger SizeAn Enclosed DVD ROM Contains Every Image From The Book And Allows Readers To View Many At A Slightly Larger Size And To Search And Sort The Paintings By Type, Artist, Era, And Date, Or By Location In The Vatican Museums As With The Louvre All The Paintings, The Vatican All The Paintings Is A Complete Treasure Trove Of One Of The Most Exquisite And Important Art Collections In The World The Book Itself Is A Beautiful Object I m actually surprised I didn t love this book as much as I thought I would It s ok Some of the paintings are printed so small, I have to get close to the page to see the detail And I m actually surprised that this is ALL of the paintings in the Vatican museums I thought there s be Still, it s a well constructed book and the nice thing about it is when I got to the Vatican next, I will be able to enjoy the museums at my leisure. This is a wonderful, ambitious book It is not a book to be read at one sitting, or really, even 20 sittings The art work in here can be studied for a long time The problem is that in order to get all the pieces in, the pictures have to be small They are not little bitty pictures that you can t see what they are, but there are often than one to a page There is also a problem appreciating one with another just as good so close to it Having said that just to prove that I recognize it is not flawless, it is a fantastic collection When you consider that nothing gets into a painting unless the artist put it there unlike a photograph which could have some carelessly tossed item in it there are hours of consideration on these pages I am so glad to own it. My large book promptly arrived and I gasped The tome itself is like a work my work of art The DVD is great I am amazed as to what treasures the Vatican possesses An incredible collection of the old masters and rooms like the Borgia rooms that are too beautiful to be believed Everything is here, the sculptures, maps, etc Don t hesitate the book is fantastic It s right next with my new book on the Louvre and my new wonderful book Florence this is magnificent