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Es handelt sich um eine Biographie der talentierten Diane von F rstenberg Leider ist das Buch absolut nichtssagend und enth lt nur wenige Fotos Wer mehr ber die Erfindung des ber hmten Wrap Dress erfahren will, wird entt uscht Also Geld lieber in Dianes Kleider investieren The greatest representation of feminism , I see in this book You CAN be strong and successful without imitating man and also look appealing and seductive Something that is worth considering DVF tells all about herself without flattery and that what is truly inspiring This book ,apart from ups and downs of fashion industry, gives insight into the turbulent 60s and 70s of Europe and USA, modelling world and the art of negotiation Definitely recommend this The chapters about her mother and youth are interesting, the rest a bit of an anti climax, although who would have guessed that the woman she wanted to be was merely an unpaid prostitute being taken separately on the same day by Ryan O Neil and Warren Beatty Tragic really you can lead the horse to water but not make it drink.Just think how many dim tarts there are in South London who copulate with an amazing lack of discrimination with unknowns every bit as scummy as O Neil and Beatty Fortunately you will never know about them as they cannot write, hence the opportunity to make money by having their sordid lifestyle told is denied to them. Dianne is a wonderful writer I enjoy reading biographies and even so autobiographies but this was so personal, exposing a real woman in her vulnerabilities and strengths I believe the book hides little gems of life advice we could take from Dianne Whilst I devoured the majority of the book in a few hours, the last few chapters lacked the same spark and also felt a bit crammed with facts and names and less meaning Might be because they were happening in late 1990s 2000s and life became rushed for all of us, all of a sudden. One of the most influential, admired, and innovative women of our time fashion designer, philanthropist, wife, mother, and grandmother, Diane von Furstenberg offers a book about becoming the woman she wanted to be Diane von Furstenberg started out with a suitcase full of jersey dresses and an idea of who she wanted to be in her words, the kind of woman who is independent and who doesn t rely on a man to pay her bills She has since become that woman, establishing herself as a global brand and a major force in the fashion industry, all the while raising a family and maintaining my children are my greatest creation In The Woman I Wanted to Be, von Furstenberg reflects on her extraordinary life from childhood in Brussels to her days as a young, jet set princess, to creating the dress that came to symbolise independence and power for an entire generation of women With remarkable honesty and wisdom, von Furstenberg mines the rich territory of what it means to be a woman She opens up about her family and career, overcoming cancer, building a global brand, and devoting herself to empowering other women, writing, I want every woman to know that she can be the woman she wants to be Great book not only for those who work in the fashion industry but for many women who struggle with confidence and finding their path in life From her family history to building an empire before she was 30, going bankrupt and coming back for a new chapter, Diane s life is an inspiration Really honest about the highs and lows of business, through a powerful female lens I also loved her personal disclosure about what makes her tick and I do understand why she has been successful, demonstrating real resilience, whilst vulnerability shown and supported via her nearest and dearest relationships Great role model behaviours I found the section about the American Dream to be super interestingkind of how her empire started But I felt the book consisted of too much name dropping of famous people and it truly shows how privileged she is. Amazing book, such an enjoyable read Getting to know Dianne s personal life circumstance sets up understanding how she made such a massive success in the fashion industry Very inspirational each read fills you with new passion drive to enjoy life My friend loved it given as a gift