download Pdf THIRTEEN REASONS WHYYOU SHOULDKEEP LIVING: When Hope and Love Vanish (English Edition)Author Edward Andrews –

Who should read THIRTEEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP LIVING Anyone who is struggling in their walk as a young person Anyone who has a friend who is having difficulty handling or coping with their young life, so you can offer them the help they need Any parent who has young ones And grade school, junior high or high school the wants to provide an, in touch, anti suicide message to their students IF YOU met Madison, you would believe she is witty, friendly, and fond of company and a very sociable young woman However, below this appealing veneer lurks a young girl in tremendous crippling hopelessness that leaves her feeling as though she is worthless and there is no end in sight for days, weeks, or even months at a time I have an urge to end my life every day, says Madison I know that the world would be far better off without my presence, and the pain would stop Many youths say that they would never dream of killing themselves Still, they all have the deep feeling that there are no reasons for going on with their lives Some have even hoped that some sort of accident would take their pain away for them They view death as a release, a way out, a friend, not their enemy Before beginning this book, allow us to share one remarkable truth with you the reader The thing that has contributed not caused you to desire an ending of your life is not the pains, pressures, and problems of life but rather your perception of those pains, pressures, and problems The bookend to that truth is this, if you can alter your perception of these pains, pressures, and problems, they will no longer affect you in a detrimental way You feel, think, and believe that you have a reason to die we want to change your perception, giving you a reason to keep living There are many reasons to keep living if yours is not covered in this book, it exists, and many are willing and able to help you find it Because of the popular suspense novel and Netflix TV series Thirteen Reasons Why the character chose to commit suicide, THIRTEEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP LIVING came to life as a book idea