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Who was Vivian Maier Many people know her as the reclusive Chicago nanny who wandered the city for decades, constantly snapping photographs, which were unseen until they were discovered in a seemingly abandoned storage locker They revealed her to be an inadvertent master of twentieth century American street photography Not long after, the news broke that Maier had recently died and had no surviving relatives Soon the whole world knew about her preternatural work, shooting her to stardom almost overnight But, as Pamela Bannos reveals in this meticulous and passionate biography, this story of the nanny savant has blinded us to Maiers true achievements, as well as her intentions Most important, Bannos argues, Maier was not a nanny who moonlighted as a photographer she was a photographer who supported herself as a nanny In Vivian Maier A Photographers Life and Afterlife, Bannos contrasts Maiers life with the mythology that strangersmostly the men who have profited from her workhave created around her absence Bannos shows that Maier was extremely conscientious about how her work was developed, printed, and cropped, even though she also made a clear choice never to display it She places Maiers fierce passion for privacy alongside the recent spread of her work around the world, and she explains Maiers careful adjustments of photographic technique, while explaining how the photographs have been misconstrued or misidentified As well, Bannos uncovers new information about Maiers immediate family, including her difficult brother, Karlrelatives that once had been thought not to exist This authoritative and engrossing biography shows that the real story of Vivian Maier, a true visionary artist, is evencompelling than the myth