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In this first book of an illustrated middle grade series by aNew York Times bestselling author, Marc learns to become a Warrior Kid after his uncle Jake, a Navy SEAL, comes to stay for the summerFifth grade was the worst year of Marc s life He stunk at gym class, math was too hard for him, the school lunch was horrible, and his class field trip was ruined because he couldn t swim And the most awful thing about fifth grade Kenny Williamson, the class bully, who calls himself the King of the Jungle GymWhen Marc s mother tells him that his uncle Jake is coming to stay for the whole summer, Marc can t wait Uncle Jake is a for real, super cool Navy SEAL And Uncle Jake has a planHe s going to turn Marc into a warriorBecoming a warrior isn t easy It involves a lot of pull ups, sit ups, push ups, squats, swimming, eating right, and studying harder than ever before Can Marc transform himself into a warrior before school starts in the fall and finally stand up to the King of the Jungle Gym Find out in Jocko Willink s Way of the Warrior KidWay of the Warrior Kid is a middle grade novel written byNew York Times bestselling author and retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Jocko Willink is the coauthor of the adult book Extreme Ownership How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win and the author of Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual Way of the Warrior Kid is illustrated throughout with art by Jon Bozak Praise for Way of the Warrior KidWillink, a leadership instructor and retired SEAL, places worthwhile emphasis on physical activity, mental sharpness, and hard work Publishers Weekly In this first installment of a new series, Willink, a retired decorated Navy SEAL officer brings his training in fitness, learning, nutrition, and tactics to a new level the middle grade level young readers will enjoy Although the topic meant to inspire kids, seriousness is eased with Willink s sense of humor and with Bozak s hilarious comic style illustrations Children s LiteraturePraise for the audiobook Narrator Thor Willink, the author s son, sounds just about Marc s age, and his dad voices the adults This choice lends a personal noteThe audio version has plenty of humor School Library Journal

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