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One of the recent trends in Buddhist publishing has been a subtle generation shift we are now seeing second generation Buddhists memoirs as well as introductory books for teenagers and young adults Into this latter category falls Diana Winston s Wide Awake A Buddhist Guide for Teens, a well written and basic primer for Gen Ys who are asking Big Questions Introducing concepts such as meditation, enlightenment, metta lovingkindness , karma, the four noble truths and the eight worldly conditions, Winston writes accessibly but doesn t try overly hard to sound cool or relevant Teens will appreciate the way she gives the dharma to them straight, while many adults will also benefit from this lucid manual CopyrightReed Business Information, IncGr Switching between anecdotes of her own journey in Buddhism and advice on how teens can apply the Buddha s teachings to their lives, Winston offers a personal and thoughtful introduction to Buddhist thought and practice The fundamental tenets of Buddhism are introduced through the lens of adolescence finding karma at a high school basketball game or promising that metta loving kindness can free teens from anger toward siblings and parents a miracle, indeed Winston frequently quotes from teens she has met in her work at a Buddhist center in California, showing what they have learned from Buddhism on such subjects as skipping school The writing doesn t rely on slang that will go out of style, but Winston s retellings of Buddhist sutras and stories are delightfully colloquial I want to understand life, the Buddha tells his father at one point I can t stay cooped up in this castle , and her celebration of inquisitiveness and doubt will appeal to readers Give this, along with Franz Metcalf s Buddha in Your Backpack, to spiritual seekers intrigued by Buddhism John Green Copyright American Library Association All rights reserved

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